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  • Article Marketing - 3 Secrets for Writing Articles That Produce Results
Article Marketing - 3 Secrets for Writing Articles That Produce Results
Written by
Anny Robby
November 2018
Written by
Anny Robby
November 2018

Article marketing to drive traffic to websites is as old as the Internet (which isn't very old, but I think you know what I mean). This strategy has always been one of the more effective methods for piquing the interest of readers to the point that they visit a website to find out more - where they can be converted into buyers.

Well-written, informative articles helps a company build its brand by "getting the word out" regarding the benefits of its products and the value of its services. Because it is one of the most powerful ways to promote business online, there is a huge, open market for quality articles - the operative word being quality. Unfortunately for companies, and fortunately for good writers, the supply does not meet the demand.

The market is wide open for talented, skilled writers who are detail-oriented, write with feelings, willing to do the market research on any given topic, and have the ability to hold the reader's attention.
Key pointers to remember when writing articles:

Produce Quality Content

This means content that is on-topic, delivers what the title promises, is informative and helpful and does not waste the reader's time!

Articles are not accepted by directories automatically. Thousands of articles are submitted everyday; so, in order for an article to be published it must be an article that meets their standard guidelines and is worthy of their readers. The best directories have a review process, which weeds out poor-quality articles.

Inform the Reader

That should be the goal of every article. Informative, useful articles that offer in-depth information about the topic wins the reader's trust and makes him want more.

When this does not happen, the article cannot fulfill an important purpose which is to drive readers to a website where they can be converted into customers.

Generating backlinks is important and impacts search engine results, but that is only part of search engine optimization and mobile ranking. Even a large number of links will not matter much if the articles are not read or picked up for publication.

Articles must attract readers, hold their interest because of the value they are receiving, and make them want to click the link in the resource box. If this is not happening, the writer should evaluate his work find a way to produce higher quality content, with captivating titles.

Back links alone produce minimal exposure and quality articles produce massive exposure - the goal is to have both.

Make Articles Search-friendly Through Strategic Use of Keywords

The main keyword should always be in the title, in the first sentence or paragraph, once in the body of the article and don't forget the resource box with the call to action.

Word of warning: Don't get carried away with the keywords! Keywords and keyword phrases are important in driving organic traffic through Google, but over use of keywords will hurt an article's page ranking more than it will help! In fact, your article could even be excluded from the search if there are too many.

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