I'm A Woman Rabbi On A Mission...

I am a woman rabbi on a mission.  I'm here to bring back the Feminine Divine.

“Hello.  My name is Rabbi Tamara Kolton. I’m here to report a crime.  Get me the best detectives you have.” 

I’m naming it now in the name of all women.  I’m calling it like it is: A massive public flogging.

Consider the myth of Eve as it is recorded in Genesis at the very beginning of the Bible.  Here is a young, beautiful, naked woman who is punished for disobedience.  

But what did she do for God's sake?  Eat a piece of fruit?  

The myth of Eve provided limitless rational to fuel the fire of violence against women in all forms and in all societies and it is a fire that has been burning for the past 3000 thousand years.  The centuries after Eve open and close over and over again with the unrecorded murders of hundreds of thousands of women killed for 2 crimes: Disobedience and Use of Spiritual Power.

"My name is Rabbi Tamara Kolton.  I'm here to report a crime."

The Myth of Eve is not Divine.  It is a crime scene.  It is dripping with lies.  Lie: Eve was a sinner.  Truth: Eve was the first person in Western mythology to have the capcity and the audacity to act in the face of authority.  

Eve was a badass.  So are you.

Eve was not a pretty little lady who wanted a piece of fruit and was too stupid to listen to God or too much of a sinner to “just say no.”  Eve is actually God in feminine form. The banishment of Eve effectively robbed all women who came after her of direct knowledge of and a relationship with her, our one true spiritual mother.   

I’d like to propose something radical and corrective: 

What if, instead of believing that being banished Paradise was the end of Eve’s story, what if it was actually the beginning of it?   What if we decided it is time to rescue her?  

The quest to find Eve, who is the embodiment of the lost feminine nature of God, is the quest to live our lives as Divine beings. 

The story of Eve may be a myth, but Eve is no myth.  She is as real as the air we breathe.  She is a life force Energy  

Eve Energy is real. She is ours and she has been waiting for us, her sisters, to find her and bring her back into the fold for more than 3000 years!

I am a woman rabbi on a mission.  I'm here to bring back the Feminine Divine.  Will you join me?  

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