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This blog was featured on 12/13/2018
How Authors Can Use Retargeting in their Marketing Efforts
Written by
She Writes
December 2018
Written by
She Writes
December 2018

Have you ever looked up a product or book on Amazon only to find that you get recurring ads for that same listing on every site you visit afterward? This sly and genius technique is called retargeting and can be used to maximize sales and bring potential buyers back to the items they were curious about or left hanging out in their online shopping cart. Take your knowledge of creating successful social media ad campaigns and book marketing to the next level with this useful technique that many Fortune 500 companies swear by.

Boosting Your Stats Without Losing Too Much Money

Unlike certain social media boosters, retargeting is often a cheaper method for marketing as you’re solely trying to secure a sale from parties who have already taken interest in your product. Average pricing is about $10 for 1,000 views and in return, your number of return visits can significantly increase and boost your sales. Spending a little extra cash on these effective ads is the best method for authors who are looking to engage their customers and secure sales.

If you're selling a book, you may retarget with the same book, or a free ebook to get them on your mailing list, or other books from your backlist, or a course you're selling on material similar to the book.

Creating An Engaged Audience

Although sales are the primary benefit of retargeting, it can also help authors build an audience of engaged readers due to the fact that these ads target an audience that has similar interests to your own work. Sure, new visitors to your Amazon page or website are nice, but creating a long-term following will benefit you far more than a couple extra book sales. Use retargeting as a tool to strengthen your audience and keep your readers engaged in your work.

Hooking Potential and Already Interested Readers

Sometimes all shoppers need is a little reminder that they do in fact want to read your book while they’re browsing through another website. Using intriguing copy and eye-catching designs within your retargeting ads will give shoppers the opportunity to revisit the book with even more interest than on their initial visit. This low-hanging fruit opportunity can mean big things for authors who have spiked the interest of book buyers and gives you the perfect opportunity to put a little pressure on the buyer and reinforce the idea that your book would make the perfect addition to their bookshelf.

Working with a digital expert and/or agency to create a successful marketing campaign, you won't need to learn the ins and outs of how to set up a retargeting campaign. However, if you're looking to retarget without the help of a social media and marketing professional you want to make sure to retarget potential readers on sites like Facebook, Amazon and Instagram - start with the online sites that your reader would visit most often.

These five vital steps will keep you in the know when it comes to setting up a campaign like this on Facebook.

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