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  • These 11 Ladies Have Made a Massive Impact In The World Of Digital Marketing
These 11 Ladies Have Made a Massive Impact In The World Of Digital Marketing
Written by
Vander Deeman
December 2018
Written by
Vander Deeman
December 2018

Still, not many in the industry, many women have been working to change this scenario; meet some of these professionals

You, who work in a technology company, look around and see how many of your colleagues are women. With few exceptions, they are likely to be a minority in the company, especially in leadership positions.

A study by LinkedIn in 10 countries last year showed that, despite the presence of women in the labor market growing each year, some segments are still mostly men.

In the technology sector of the surveyed countries - the United States, India, Mexico, Spain, Italy, the UK, France, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands - only 30.7% of the places are for women. Of these, only 20.6% are in leadership positions.

But fortunately, many women have been working to change this scenario, standing out in the industry. Meet in this post 11 professionals who make the difference in technology and Digital Marketing.

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook's operations director since 2008, Sheryl Sandberg has become better known to the general public for her work to reduce gender inequality in the technology market.

In her book, Lean In (Do It Yourself - Women, Work and the Will to Lead), she examines why women's business growth is often stagnant and gives advice on how professionals themselves can change that reality.

In 2012, she was considered one of the 100 most impactable people in the world by the American magazine Time.

Emilia Chagas:

Journalist Emilia Chagas launched the CM platform Contentools in 2013, a time when Content Marketing was not yet widespread in Brazil.

In the beginning, the company only mediated between companies that wanted to produce content and professionals in the area. The model was reinvented, creating the first Content Marketing platform in Latin America.

In 2017, the company had 30 people in two offices, in Florianópolis and São Francisco, and was in the process of internationalization

Liliane Ferrari

Liliane Ferrari is well known in Brazil when it comes to social media. The journalist, consultant, and professor of social media of UOL, School Cuca, E-commerce School, I want to be Social Media, Plugcitarios and eduK were named one of the 10 most influential women of the Brazilian Internet by iG.

He was also an official speaker of Facebook in Brazil and developed digital projects for Editora Trip, Editora Alto Astral, TV Globo, Caixa, C & A, O Boticário, Colgate, Santander, among others.

Lisiane Lemos

A specialist in support solutions at Microsoft, Lisiane Lemos was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the youngsters under 30 that makes the difference in Brazil.

The professional divide the leadership of the Committee of Racial Equality of the group of Women of Brazil and the Network of Black Professionals and acts as a consultant of UNESCO.

She also served as a mentor for Bloomberg, Luiza Magazine, Voto Magazine, UPWIT, Women Startup Weekend, SP Stars, among others, and served clients such as Petrobras, BRF, Odebrecht, America Movil, Banrisul and TJPR.

Lucia Haracemiv

Lucia Haracemiv is the CEO of DNA Sales, a consulting firm specializing in increasing sales productivity.

The professional has developed an innovative methodology that has contributed to a significant improvement in the results of companies such as MRV, Digital Results, General Motors, Nestlé, Porto Seguro, Carrefour, Schutz, and more than 45 segments.

She also serves as a sales mentor for Endeavor entrepreneurs.

Ana Couto

A designer from PUC-Rio, he founded the agency Ana Couto in 1993, with the proposal of working on the design as a tool for building strong brands and became a reference in branding in Brazil.

Since then, it has expanded the agency's offering to an integrated service, ranging from brand strategy to advertising. It has already served clients such as BASF, Beach Park, Buscapé Company, Caixa Seguradora, Youse, Itaú Unibanco, P & G, Rio Galeão, Rosa Chá, Vinci Partners, Teleperformance, among others.

Bia Granja

Bia Granja is the co-founder of YOUPIX  & ex-founder of WBS; women's bomber jackets shopping site, an accelerator that helps brands, agencies and creative professionals to leverage online business. Currently, the company operates on several fronts, such as market education, consulting, events and an incentive program for breeders.

In 2013, she was chosen by Época magazine as a member of the list of 100 most influential Brazilians, as well as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet by Galileo magazine.

Juliana Tubino

Juliana Tubino holds a bachelor 's degree in Business Administration from FGV, an MBA at Fundação Dom Cabral, and certificates from institutions such as Kellogg and Insead.

He has developed solid experience in the technology segment and in the SaaS world - he began his career as a trainee in the Brazilian subsidiary of Microsoft, where he then traveled a diverse trajectory in Latin America and headquarters in Seattle, where he lived for many years.

He currently serves as vice president of Digital Results Partners, where he is responsible for scaling the company's business model through a collaborative, profitable and vibrant ecosystem.

Every day he faces in a very good mood the challenge of balancing his "various roles" - whether related to his intense professional or personal routine, where the podium occupies his family and two beautiful children.

Bianca Martinelli

Graduated in business administration from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Bianca Martinelli also studied at the North American universities of Columbia, Harvard and Stanford.

He also had a long working experience at Endeavor, both in Brazil and the United States, where he led the selection and development of entrepreneurs and international expansion to countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Spain, and Italy.

Vice President of Internationalization of Digital Results since 2017, came to the company with the role of taking it to the global market, starting with Latin America and Europe and focusing on markets around the world.

Ana Fontes

Ana Fontes is president of Rede Mulher Empreendedora, the first network of support for female entrepreneurship in Brazil, which has more than 300 thousand participants.

She has a post-graduate degree in marketing from ESPM and in International Relations from USP. She was a multinational marketing executive and co-founder of W55, an accelerator focused on women-led business development.

Martha Gabriel

Author of five books, including the best known, Marketing in the Digital Age, Martha Gabriel is a familiar voice in the digital market, lecturing frequently both in Brazil and abroad.

In addition to author and speaker, she also has an extensive career in academia: she is an engineer (Unicamp), postgraduate in Marketing (ESPM), postgraduate in Graphic Design (Fine Arts, SP), master and PhD in Arts (ECA / USP).

Recognizing the work of women and reflecting on women's representativeness in technology companies, especially in higher positions, are ways of moving a little in the direction of equality that we are looking for.\

So, what did you think of the list? Do you know another woman who is prominent in the segment and who could be here? Cite in comments. :)

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