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Using Instagram to Write Lush Settings
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She Writes
December 2018
Written by
She Writes
December 2018

If you’re a writer, you know the importance of creating a scene that your readers will feel immersed in; the more details the better. But what happens if you want to write about a place you’ve never been to? Or recount the smallest scenic details of a place visited years ago?

Nowadays, there’s inspiration all around and lucky enough, you can use social media to help craft the lush scenes any reader would surely drool over. So before you book your trip to Greece to catch an eye-catching glimpse of the turquoise seas and sprawling hills stacked high with perfect white houses, open up Instagram and follow our best tips for using the memory sharing app to create an extraordinary setting—we also wouldn’t blame you if you booked a one-way ticket to Greece to pursue a full-time writing career by the beach.  

Not on Instagram yet? Don’t panic, you don’t need to be an active member to use the platform’s wealth of photos. If you need to create an account, follow these simple steps to get started.

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

If you’re familiar with social media at all, you understand the power of hashtags. While many authors use these hashtags to attract those with similar interests to their work, hashtags are also a great place to find setting inspiration. Check out these trending hashtags for creative and breathtaking photos that will surely spark your creative mind.

Nature Scenes

With these nature hashtags, you’ll be given any and all the details you may need when it comes to writing an elegant and beautiful natural setting:









Idyllic Countryside

Everyone has a soft spot for a quaint countryside. Here are our favorite hashtags that will help you craft the countryside scene of your dreams:






The Stunning Southwest

From Arizona to New Mexico and the surrounding landscapes, these stunning hashtags promise followers a vast array of red sand, dramatic rock structures and canyons that stretch on for hundreds of miles:







Concrete Streets and Urban Architecture

Whether your rural setting is a wholesome neighborhood in Chelsea or the always-enchanting Dubai, these hashtags bring the best inspiration when you’re ready to take on skyscrapers and public transportation:








No matter where you’re planning on setting your story, do a quick search on Instagram using “#” followed by the destination you want to write about. A quick search like “#Japan” will bring up millions of posts for you to latch onto and use as inspiration for your next chapter. Here are a few more international hashtags we love:









Sometimes there’s nothing readers love more than a great summer romance or a heartwarming winter story. If you’re putting an emphasis on season in your writing, we would advise you to scroll through each of these hashtags before putting pen to paper:






With millions of hashtags to explore, it’s never a bad idea to look at the entire collection of hashtags on a photo you like. Because many photographers and influencers use up to 30 hashtags per post, you’re destined to find a few more you like within a single post.

Find the Hashtags You Love and Follow Them

Another handy feature Instagram has incorporated into their app is the ability to follow your favorite hashtags. If you find a hashtag you like, make sure to hit the blue follow button and you will begin to see similar photos in your feed.

Collect Insider Knowledge About Your Setting

Once you start to discover the beautiful visuals Instagram has to offer, it’s hard not to follow every photographer or travel influencer you come across. When you find a profile with photos that feel particularly central to your own writing or inspire you to improve your setting, give the page a follow. Doing this will allow your own feed to be populated by the kind of photos that inspire your writing.

While photos serve a great use when creating your setting you can use Instagram and its users to make your setting even more believable. Becoming a loyal follower and fan of the profiles you love most is always a great way to get the inside scoop on the setting you are researching. Have questions about a small remote town you know nothing about? Simply search for the town on Instagram and look through the photos posted by local photographers and regular travelers in the area. When you find an account you find particularly interesting, interact with the posts and shine a positive light on their work. Making yourself a loyal and interactive follower because it will increase your chances of getting a message back from your favorite photographers if you want the inside scoop on a place they've experienced firsthand.

Mastered the art of using Instagram to create lush setting? Now learn more about the best ways you can use Instagram to grow your readership and following.

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