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Featured Author: Mansu Edwards


Mansu Edwards is an Independent Author from Brooklyn, NY who recently released a crime fiction drama, “Can You Hold Please?” available on Amazon at the following link:

Amazon Author Profile:

34-year-old Marx is a college graduate with a 10K student loan debt. His friend, Howard introduces him to a unique investment opportunity with a Pen start-up company. To become an Investor, Marx has to be debt-free by January 8.

Howard volunteers to pay half of the loan, but, Marx refuses, since he’s been recently making more money as a Freelance Illustrator while working a temp job. On January 8, he calls 24 Hour Hold Loans to pay off the bill, but, he’s met by a rude, unprofessional Telemarketer, Matthew Garson.

During the call, Marx is offered 10K for the poor customer service. He’s instructed to remain on the line in order to collect the money. Throughout the phone call, Marx experiences delays and stalling tactics from Matthew Garson to prevent him from winning.

Marx struggles to keep his cool. During the call, he has to accompany ex-classmate Cyril’s baby sister, Carmen to a High School Fair, the temp agency needs a replacement worker for a convention and witnesses criminal activity in social media involving Carmen and one of the start-up Founders.

Nevertheless, the prospect of losing 10K to a terminated phone call due to a low charged tablet wears on his mind. Will Marx be able to collect the money?


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Mansu Edwards is a prolific artist who continually challenges art forms with boldness and creativity. He delights in using autonomous monikers to signify a transformative experience when engaging in innovative artistic creations. In 2016, Mr. Edwards produced, wrote and directed his first short film, “Texting In New York City”. A work inspired from people’s responses to the street marketing of its paperback (text) edition. Later on during the year, due to positive feedback from the Harlem Writer’s Group in regards to the movie script, he released a literary screenplay version of “Texting In New York City”. A film trailer would soon follow.

Publications include:  

The Disappearance Of Hate (2009)
Mental Diet (2010, 2011)
Biscuits And Yogurt Vol. 1 (2014)
Texting In New York (2014, 2016)
Vertical Algebra (2016)
Exotic Ignorance: Ep. 8 Camouflage Pizza (2016)
Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks: Battle Of The Keyboard (2018)
Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks 2: Land Of Refrigeration (2018)
Can You Hold Please (2018)


Instagram: Mansu Edwards, emojisvspunct


What sets your book apart from all others? 

My books offer creative storylines and life lessons. The books have innovative formatting and combines multiple genres. My readers can expect humor, introspection and great storytelling. My work is important because it provides therapy for depression and boredom.

Who is your target market, who should be reading your book or who would be interested in reading your book?

My target market is 18-34 year olds. Black men and women.

What authors inspired you most and how so?  What do you admire about each one?

Nas, James Allen, Big Daddy Kane, Dennis Kimbro, Napoleon Hill.
Nas is innovative and tells visually compelling stories.
James Allen espouses the benefits of correct thinking and planting positive seeds.
Big Daddy Kane is versatile and has an elite vocabulary.
Dennis Kimbro shares an empowering account of black peoples’ contributions to America.

What advice do you have to offer in support of other authors?

Write, read everything, exercise, do your best to eat well, get rest (which is challenging), aim to be the best and be creative.

What are your genres of choice and why? 

My genres are Personal Development, Sci-Fi and Crime Fiction. I like to experiment. I take my best ideas and expand them into a story. The genres come organically. My ideas are from God.

How’d you come about discovery of your writing talent, gift or ability?

In school, I enjoyed creative writing assignments. It gave me the opportunity to utilize my imagination and creativity. Also, people’s positive reactions showed that God blessed me with a gift to entertain and enlighten the world.

What are your future writing endeavors?  What’s next on your authorship agenda?

I plan to release more experimental stories and projects. I’m currently working on “E.V.P.M. 2.3”. It’s the sequel to “Emojis Vs. Punctuation Marks: Battle Of The Keyboard”

Is writing for you synonymous with living and breathing, or just something you do as a hobby, and how so and why?

It’s definitely synonymous with living and breathing. It’s God’s gift to me. My mission is to elevate and change society. My goal is to be one of the greatest writer’s in history.

What do you feel we need to hear or read more of, that is rare today in a book?

We need to hear about black experimental authors and the other genres we write besides romance and urban fiction.

What changes in the literary world would you most like to see?

A person should create their own literary world.

Indie/Self-Published Author and/or Published?  What do you favor more and why?

I favor Indie and Self-Publishing because it gives power and control over your projects and business.

How is your writing controversial, profound or mind boggling, or how would you describe it?

My writing is profound and mind boggling in that it teaches creativity, self-development and innovation.

What do you hope to accomplish with your literary creation?  What change or enlightenment do you want to bring about in your reader if any?

I hope to inspire black people to achieve their dreams despite undesirable circumstances. Also, to strive for greatness. You can do it.

What’s the greatest compliment that you ever received regarding your literary accomplishments and what did this remark do for you, how did it transform your life or your writing?

The greatest compliment is a young woman telling me, “Mental Diet” helped her friend through a trying period. I feel good because I enjoy helping people.

What’s the most memorable criticism you received regarding your literary works and how did this remark transform you as a writer or influence your writing if at all?

I have a few, but I’ll just say, it makes me study harder and strive for even greater success.

If you could ask a question of your favorite author of all time, what would the question be?  How would you answer that question -yourself?

I don’t have a favorite author of all time, but I will ask “do you think you’ll reach the pinnacle of writing?” My answer is I’ll never reach it, but I’ll always chase it.

What have you sacrificed, if anything, to be a writer, or to write as you do?  What have you gained from writing, how has it rewarded you personally?

I sacrificed relationships, sleeping (make sure you get sufficient rest. You need it for energy and proper cognitive functioning, partying and hanging out. I became more disciplined and I was able to complete more projects.

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