The Face of Conservative America?

The Face of Conservative America:

Why the United States is Anything But…?

By Lanie Leigh, Founder of “The IntellectuaLeigh Experience”; courtesy of Lanie Leigh Productions.

Dear “@TheView”,

            It’s been a good, long run but there’s something I need y’all to finally understand about what’s going down on the other side of the screens and cameras you stare at everyday…

When you’re dealing with a huge family gathering and people fighting over the TV early in the morning over the holiday vacation, then with the people in the doctor’s office demanding the channel be changed, declaring “someone turn off these Harpies!” It’s eye-opening and I just want you all at @TheView to understand what’s happening in the real world and why that is. Or when ratings decline for losing an entire demographic and several households worth of viewers, and where only Granny refuses to stop watching because she is a fan of @WhoopiGoldberg and @JoyVBehar…when this happens, now you know who to thank for what viewers you still have left to cling to. However, as of January 3rd’s 2019 episode, it was made perfectly clear both the reasoning behind my abstinence from the show and also the core problem at the heart of the social issues plaguing this country of which I am a born native.

While the ongoing @JoyVBehar and @MeghanMcCain controversy has made for some delicious debates, the @realDonaldTrump-bulldog routine has gotten old on both sides; recently made clear with @HuntsmanAbby refusing to identify as a “Trumpette”, which @JoyVBehar questioned and @MeghanMcCain retorted “Do you wanna railroad her outta here if she is?”I can understand how everyone dismissively let that one slide, and I applaud how she is swiftly becoming the one to ignore on the show for good reason. Nevertheless, this and also the following is why, while I may occasionally tune in given no other choice, I still refuse to be an avid “Viewer”. 

For those who also refuse to watch, I’ll recap: …it began with the opening issue of immigration and border security, during which @MeghanMcCain took to spouting the names for victims of violence from undocumented immigrants — a severe exploitation used to justify the demonizing of all immigrants, concluded with a typical tantrum of “I’m still talking! I’m still talking!” — as if that changes the fact that she’s too busy to watch the clock when it comes to commercial breaks, and then resorts to taking it out on the table for reminding her. Now, I observed this along with the load of immediate social responses to this quoted along the lines of: “Yes, we know you’re still talking…the problem is you’re not actually SAYING anything!” 

I digress, @MeghanMcCain as per the usual may not be saying anything we want to hear, but what she DID say following the voting issue said a whole lot about the type of person she is and the kind of villainy we are dealing with when it comes to American Imperialism. Her kind and Trump’s ilk remain one-in-the-same, inasmuch as their epic failure to surprise anyone anymore with their spoiled-brat antics and childish temperaments. Yet, what did shock me was that it doesn’t seem anyone else caught the oppressive remark or got the supremacist picture it so definitively painted. So, I took it upon myself as a writer and graphics artist to spell it out for those of you who missed it, and here’s the full testament of what she stated:

“The Sins of Trump are not on all Conservatives or Republicans, but don’t underestimate his popularity. If the Democrats don’t get their You-Know-What together, he’s definitely getting re-elected. I’m sorry, but with some of the options you have coming up here, if it’s going to be a socialist in the vein of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you’re just not going to win over the Rust Belt. Republicans are better at winning over the states that matter in the electoral college.” 

I was surprised at the lack of attention this got even days later, and while I took the time to bring this to attention, it’s not attention that I seek personally, but rather awareness, in that I’m still waiting for the rest of the women on the panel to acknowledge what this documented agenda truly means. The hosts and people behind-the-scenes at @TheView seemed to miss what she said, or if they didn’t, the appalling fact was that they didn’t take it upon themselves to correct their fellow host in making the dangerous statement that she made. My personal response to this overlooked atrocity is admittedly along the line of the “How dare you!?”Variety, which I’m sure she’d label me a socialist for also, but sorry about your luck @MeghanMcCain, it’s hardly original…

As far as my background is concerned, I’ve been called everything under the sun by this society from “Dummycrat” to “Liberal” and as an Independent have been informed that being such is considered a form of socialism, however the choices dwindle given the last few administrations have made it impossible to identify with any party across the board; they’ve all got a long way to go before I can support them with a straight face, as I believe is best illustrated possibly by @HuntsmanAbby and her defensive stance which I don’t condone but can empathize with. Equally, the government has had a hard time putting their finger on what I am…across the spectrum of paperwork and demographics, I’ve been filed as Caucasian, Hispanic, Latino, Black, and I find it laughable on both sides because clearly these people can’t seem to make up their minds about a single thing! The proof is in the print, as they say, so now it’s my turn to throw the ink around and the joke is on whoever fails to realize that:

  1. I’m a global citizen who has been a resident of many different states in the last 30 years,
  2. one whom has always and will always detest politics at a cellular level,
  3. and have only taken up the pen against it because it has impeded on my progress in nurturing my family as well as my craft;
  4. furthermore, preventing me from writing about the real things that I believe in and what really matters (on the list of which politics and demographics have never been among them).

What we’ve seen from this self-proclaimed “Ice Queen” & “Rabble Rousing” portfolio, is that she has no problem reprimanding others and trolling the panel with her own tantrums; so, here’s where it gets interesting, honey…if you can dish it out, you better be ready to take it. Without further ado, here goes the public message for some of you at @TheView, but more specifically, for you @MeghanMcCain:

▪           First of all, this really begs the questions on which states you feel don’t matter? From those of us Northerners having survived the tropical mess in the south, I’ve been a resident of Florida, which was known for being the state that decided the last presidential election…so I’m sure even you will tell us that they matter, especially. I’ve lived as far west as Arizona, and between all the times they appear on The First 48 and now with all the fuss about the border security, I’m sure their immigration-heavy state would inform you that they matter. Yet, what about the states who continue to suffer from the negligence caused by this mentality you and your ilk suffer? California with their wildfire disasters, Louisiana as the initial hurricane devastation now Puerto Rico, and let’s not forget Hawaii’s volcanic and Alaska’s earthquake economic turbulence? What relevance are they entitled to on your list of states that matter? It’s already etched in social media history exactly how they are treated by your conservative republican regime, with the only heroes being celebrity charities and the fundraisers of children from school bands in the Rose Bowl Parade. Yet, despite being one who has heritage throughout these forgotten American islands, most importantly of all, as a born resident of New York and child of 911 survivors deployed and not, we would be the first to tell you that we matter and will have you know, to your face, that you are choc-full of that “You-know-what” (as you put it). On behalf of all these states, even those I have not lived in, that’s my response to your reckless statement and I know I don’t speak just for myself when I say it. Now, let me guess, coming to the defense of multiple states from a multicultural POV makes me a socialist? Funny, because I thought it simply made me an American Citizen.

▪           Secondly, they call it the “Rust Belt” for a reason; it’s not geography but an ancient ideology, and it's beyond overdue for this country as a single nation and entity to finally get that desperately-needed tetanus shot. You may be right in that not all Conservatives and Republicans are responsible for the sins of @MeghanMcCain & @realDonaldTrump, but in that moment of you having the audacity to be grimacing at all (while we can clearly see how physically the holidays were so good to you, yet you sit there looking like you ate the Grinch) while spewing what states matter and what states don’t…I don’t think you realize just how blatantly you became the face of American Imperialism in that moment. And believe me, it’s a highly unattractive and outdated face. Under no circumstance should those words be applicable to anything concerning the United States…while everyone ignores the fact that we’ve been walking the fine line between repeating history and approaching a second uprising, believing that the first was merely about the issue of slavery is just the sort of lies you stuff your face with and regurgitate from the last 200 years of oral tradition. The rest of us know better, that it’s high-time to shake the “rust” off those old views and realize that the heart of the Civil War began with the mentality of which states were better or in the right; it’s that very mentality and social division (a.k.a Segregation!) that hazards the people you exploit for being deployed, costing them their lives and their families their livelihoods. You claim to be so concerned for the people being put in harm’s way for the very stupidity you encourage with every bitter and cynical breath you take; the bottom line is the you-know-what (again) has got to stop. The core problem isn’t slavery, it’s this very oppressive imperialism of which remains alive and well today as the beast you and your kind continue to feed with these views and statements; worse yet, you’re feeding that beast our loved ones who enlist and our children whom suffer the consequences, all so that you don’t have to. They’re dying so you can sit there and get a check for exploiting them…there’s a name for that, your favorite one, so I’ll give you two (as follows).

▪           Thirdly, it’s time that your Conservative Republican brethren also realize that while you so clearly condone Capitalism with all your blood-money and profiteering agendas, declaring any and all opposition immediately to be a Socialist regime, you fail to realize that the American public isn’t as ignorant as your “Rust Belt” voter pool dictates…your kind may be blind to the fact, but the rest of us know yellow-journalism and fear-tactics when we see them. You’re all afraid as you should be, because the day and age has finally come where the truth doesn’t stay buried long at all. We’re wise to the tricks and the tactics and that’s why we have more reliable outlets and shows with writers who give us gems of truth such as the following:“Do you know what the difference between Capitalism and Socialism is? Socialism is Man-Exploiting-Man and Capitalism is the other way around.”(Caleb Carr, Author & Historian.) And as @JoyVBehar pointed out in the same episode, it’s so clearly “Ass-Backwards”, that is the legacy of anything Conservative or Republican, separate or as a whole, as is anyone who throws their weight and money behind anyone like you. So, yes, honey, we hear you talking, but the fact is you just love talking to hear yourself speak and any message you think you have is clearly lost in the lunacy of whatever is going on in that overblown head of yours. 

▪           Lastly, as an advocate for those who have suffered the aftermath of the side-effects of pharmaceuticals under the corporate negligence of Big Pharma, I wish to raise your awareness by inquiring whether it is something on a clinical level that is warping your mind and personality to this degree? If so, I seriously suggest you stop taking whatever it is you’re taking, get a second or third opinion and get your health straight before coming back to the public spectrum. It’s not just offensive and painful to watch but it is quite alarming to think that you can live with such disdain or appreciate life in any capacity by living in such an unhealthy manner. Many of us have lost loved ones to Cancer or in the service of this great nation and have resorted to taking anti-depressants to cope with missing those lost or deployed for this country (not just the states they live in or feel matter more than this nation) as a whole. Those like the late Mr. McCain fought for all of us, not just for the state of Arizona or you and the freedoms you take for granted. You have my sympathies when it comes to the loss of your father, but he made it perfectly clear before his death that he could not approve of all the things you say or stand for and now many of us see why. Between you and @HuntsmanAbby being the broken “My Daddy” records on the show, need we remind you that this panel is NOT a group therapy session? We-The-People implore you to consider taking your daddy-issues elsewhere because we are not the doctors for you. Next time you insist upon talking about who matters and who are socialists and trolls, I hope you’re ready to eat your words for dessert (along with that hearty holiday menu you clearly enjoyed). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so I have zero qualms with informing @MeghanMcCain that your father died ashamed of you and is rolling over in his grave every time you soil his legacy by opening your big mouth to regurgitate crap like this…which is ALL the time. You advocate pure cruelty, well, this is what brutal honesty looks like and what I advocate, especially for those who can’t speak for themselves.

In lieu of the above, I wish to extend my courtesies to the rest of the hosts as the separate and powerful voices commended for their individuality. For starters, I enjoyed the segment about the McDonalds assault video that went viral, and hope that as another “small” working women supporting a family with what meager means I currently have at my disposal, that I will be afforded the same courtesy as an upcoming literary voice in this generation. As I want no claim to fame for this, only the respect for taking the time to speak to these issues in a professional capacity versus spamming your twitter accounts with the rest of the masses:

•    As@WhoopiGoldberg suggests, we all should tread carefully on a professional level because “you really don’t know who you are messing with”; the hostility of the political “hunger games” has trickled down to the rest of us, and as one so effected with my children, my words and time should be taken seriously for the efforts made to bring it to attention. Thus, I begin my thanks with her for constant attempts to keep the peace and mediating when necessary and elaborating on where all parties neglect to meet each other halfway to resolve age-old issues holding us back as a nation. 

•    I appreciate @JoyVBehar, as a fellow New Yorker for the shared ferocity (and don’t you dare go anywhere!), I identify with you the most as someone who won’t wait 2-4 years to grow a backbone and tell people when they’re wrong; I nip it in the butt immediately as you can now all plainly see. Enough is enough and I don’t approve of the instances when you are filtered or told to back down when people like @MeghanMcCain need to be put in their place. 

•    As for @sunny Hostin, from one Bronx Boricuato another, I’d have to go with that quote of “If you come for one of us, you came for all of us!”as what I commend the most and have taken and ran with as the point in case at the heart of this “Dear View” letter. If you come for one state, you come for all states…that should NEVER change especially in terms of voting and elections and natural disasters…either we ALL matter, or none of us are worth a damn in these United States that are anything but. 

Conclusively, as a truer Meghan, our beloved Duchess of Sussex, so motivationally addresses: “We need to feel empowered to use our voice and people need to be encouraged to listen”. In terms of the remaining two women on this show, we’ve all tried encouragement, but now this is an official challenge from a voice among the people that the time to listen to reason is now, and no one else is going to take their weekend from college to write something like this and ask you twice. It’s a new day and a new year, and if this administration has taught us anything, it is that no one is untouchable or exempt from the consequences of their words or actions. 

In the Interim, my faith in the American people is not yet depleted, and while I really can’t officially have a dog in this race until everyone gets over their ethnocentric diseases, I’d still have to say my money is on such underdogs as @AOC and @sharicedavids (who just took Kansas by storm, but I’ve yet to see anyone’s take on her and the many others like her coming up, from those of you at @TheView). Regardless, I hope this year truly is the year we all stop tripping over each other’s star-spangled “You-know-whats” and get our priorities straight. Godspeed and Happy New Year.


Lanie Leigh, 

SheWrites Journalist & Student;

Business & Design, Independence University.

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