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  • The Effects of Social Media on Writing – Construction or Toxic?
The Effects of Social Media on Writing – Construction or Toxic?

Our 80% of teens frequently use social media so there’s no doubt about the fact that it has a strong impact on their writing and speaking. Some people believe that the slang language used on the internet, especially on social media platforms have deteriorated the grammar and knowledge regarding language. But aren’t these changes a part of the evolutionary process?

According to an eighth-grade English teacher from Michigan, students are writing reading and writing more than ever but he further added, “Is it quality writing? Not all the time.”Naturally, social media has become an integral part of our lives but instead of considering it destructive for our language, why not utilize the platform to improve the language and writing skills? Here are some of the things it has taught us:

The Struggle to Find the Perfect Words

When we consider formats like Twitter, we see that the constraints allow us to explore our writing talent. Quite often, we thrive during limits and can absolutely dig into our true potentials to present the best part of ourselves. Thankfully, Twitter has increased its limit from 140 characters to 280 but this still presents a challenge to avid social media writers.

Roberts, a former staff developer for Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project says, “There’s a real opportunity there to teach the power of brevity – how to say big things with only a few characters.”

Education Given a New Teaching Approach

In the education sector, teachers have been following the same traditional approach which they found to be comfortable for decades. With an average person spending 116 minutes of their daily time on social media, how is it possible that it will not have a significant role in their life.

Students are reading and writing more than ever and it is up to the teachers to utilize this aspect of their lives to improve their writing abilities. Teachers can introduce new and unique exercises involving social media where students can be reinforced to learn grammar rules and improve their writing ability.

Writer’s Block is a Myth

Social media has given confidence to each and every individual out there to speak their heart out and just write whatever is there in your head. It has given you the power to put your thoughts into words but does it let you follow grammar rules?

It has given students and other people in the writing business the ability to overcome their writing block. However, a few edits later, your writing will be fine. This is what social media does. The thought gets words at the initial stage and then through editing, it is set according to the language rules.


Learning how to write can be made as interesting as kids learning songs and social media has helped a lot in this. In 2018, there were 3.196 billion social media users with a 42% penetration. There’s no stopping the social media, however, it can always be used for betterment purposes.

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