Publishing Predictions for 2019
Written by
She Writes
January 2019
Written by
She Writes
January 2019

We’ve reached the end of our predictions series. If you missed it, we talked about what professional writers can expect from 2019. We also covered book marketing trends for the new year in a two part article that discussed social media and non-social media platforms. So finally today we’ll be talking about what the year holds for the publishing industry and some of our own experts have weighed in.

Whether you’re a new author or veteran, traditionally published or indie, make sure you have a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Hybrid remains the healthier, growing middle ground for authors.

“I predict that alternative publishing models will continue to outpace and outperform tradition models as authors realize the benefits of more creative control, higher royalties, and the empowerment that comes with being an entrepreneurial author. The publishing landscape is changing so fast, and the authors who will have the most success in the future are those who want to learn the business, partner with the best publishers, and stay proactive throughout the entire publishing process.” – Brooke Warner, She Writes Press Publisher

Diversity is embraced and sought out.

"Readers’ desire for diverse books and marginalized voices to be read will pay off and increase in 2019 with more publishers and agents hungry for great reads written by non-Caucasian authors. Books consumed in the format of audiobooks and podcasts will continue to thrive, with the audiobooks space continuing to innovate with elements like subscription-based services and original books. The promise of technology that fosters the collaborative relationship between readers and authors will start to appear attainable—think using an immersive virtual reality interface to read a book, or getting lost in a literary style VR game. Lastly, authors who adopt the entrepreneurial mindset, work with professional teams through partnership publishing, and make an effort to educate themselves on the entirety of the publishing business will see the most success."  – Lauren Wise, Editorial Manager 

Authors and publishers will have to go deeper into details.

“In 2019, the publishing landscape will continue to get more crowded. To emerge from the noise, oft-neglected areas of metadata, like keywords, will become increasingly more important to reach the intended audience.” – Samantha Strom, She Writes Press and SparkPress Editorial Project Manager

Audio rises with greater accessibility.

The rise in audio will be a two-part initiative:

  • More readers are joining the audio bandwagon with smart speakers and Audible users both on the rise.
  • Creating audio versions of books continues to become easier for indie authors.

Both areas of growth are great for authors. While some will fear monger about the decline of reading, an optimist can see the rise in audiobooks as an encouraging way to reach busy readers. And with audio no longer being confined to traditional, big name authors, the market of listeners will grow with the ever-expanding catalogue of audiobooks.

Print book genres continue to spike.

Though there were many who thought that digital would be the death of print books, they were wrong. Not only are print books still far outpacing ebooks and audio, but print on demand services are helping ensure that genres usually dependent on print are a thriving space for indies. Poetry, literary works of fiction and children’s books are expected to continue to be on the rise now that anyone can produce a physical copy of their work for readers.

No one type of book is the flavor of the year.

There were once these great waves of “it books” that would dictate what authors should be writing and what publishers would be picking up. From vampires, to 50 Shades, to Girl everything, one book would take off and then there would be dozens (if not hundreds) in its wake. That trend hasn’t really occurred in the past years and may never truly happen again.

With so many reading options it’s unlikely that just one book will own an entire year. In 2019 instead of all books aiming for the top, authors will spread out further diving even deeper into their niches and producing exactly what their readers want, rather than appealing to the masses.

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