Written by
Migdalia Torres
January 2019

Oh my God!


It’s been now more than 10 years ago. 

I remember those hot summer days at the University,  sitting their way in advance to brush up on the Books of  Philosophy Class; which I had to take from 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.  All I thought was to get over this and have it done so I could graduate soon.  I will soon be out of here for all I now needed was only 30 more Credits in Education K-7 to graduate to become an Elementary School Teacher.  

Who would imagine what was to happen next?  

As Graduation Day got closer so did my Paranormal occurrences.  It just so happens that the Dean which had just resigned for the same reason had left to head out to Spain to finish his Masters in Administration to work someplace else.  I began to notice that One by One the Teachers began to leave the University.  I could recall one room which had a Jesus Christ Curved in Cross for all the Students to come in and pray to been busy and been visited by many of students.

The Room was Room 7, the one Room that everyone could run too and talk with someone out of your common neighborhood, about your Ghetto Neighborhood.  I had many friends, but one in particular who really cared for my well being.  His name was Demian, but everyone called him Mango once I tagged him with this name.  

We sat there in the Student Lounging Room 7 having great conversations about the Theater Group which had many Plays they were to be working on.  He told me how his Home Town of Salinas in Puerto Rico was known for its great Seafood and Restaurants as well.  He lived a Waterfront Beach Property where the Ocean Waves would crash into the Beach House and literally splash ocean water into his sunken Living Room, but he loved it there anyway.   

I thought it would be too dangerous to live there for I saw what happens when those Tidal Surfing Waves would come down with such force at the side of the house.  Some of the waves would be very high and the furniture would not last with all that Sand, Salt and Mud.

I remember trying to convince him to move more inland to what is called Mountain Life, but to no avail, for he was a Surfer at heart.   There he would have more of an Ocean Environmental Life.  He only had but one problem and that was that he was an out of the closet gay person.  He was not at all happy how he has been treated by the natives of the island.

Everyone treated him differently for he felt that no one really cared for him for he was from Wisconsin and not a Native of the Island.  I couldn’t believe it studying overseas and this is what happens when you don't know the culture of the island.  A Gay Student inside a Religious University.  I asked him if anyone else knew and he replied . . . I am afraid to tell anyone, for if I reveal that I am Gay then I will be expelled from the University.  

I told him it would be unconstitutional to be thrown out of school for being who you are.  I didn’t believe that they could do such a thing like expel you from the University for being "Gay". 

Mango asked me to keep his secret, that is until a former student found out and went straight to the Deans Office to report him for that person had been thrown out of the University for expressing his Political Views on Statehood.  Meanwhile, several months went by and the inevitable happens.  As I was arriving at the University, I saw the back Flashing Lights of an Ambulance pulling out with it's Siren fully blasted.  I quickly rushed to get my parking space and didn’t know who would be the Student in the Ambulance Stretcher.  As I approached the buzzing students which were all talking about what had just happened; everyone was crying and hugging each other as they had lost someone.  

I rushed out of my car...What happened, tell me what happens?  

The crowd of students was worried and some were crying.

I yelled out! 

Tell me...What happen?  

My best friend grabbed onto me and began to cry.  She told me to let’s rush into the nearby Church to pray for what had happened and in no least Room 7 at the University.  We have to pray and she began to sob uncontrollably.  My tears started to roll down my face. Don’t tell me. Its Mango isn’t it.

Yes. It’s your good friend Mango she replied holding back her tears.

What happen?   I need to know if he is going to be O.K.

That is when my best friend Chris began to tell me what had happened in Room 7; where all the Students went to lounge around.  She began...He was sitting all alone in Room 7 and I think he was waiting for you to chat as usual when a Masked Man came into the University Grounds and  . . . 


Asked Mango if he was Gay?

He foolishly answered... Yes

The Mask Men took out a Machete and told him . . .  “Si Sangre queries Sangre less vamo a dar.”  A Nostro no-no qusta los Patos como tu.   (If it is Blood you want, then Blood you will get..We don't' like your kind around here!)  He then held up his Machete and bashed Mango over the head with it;  Busting his Skull wide open.  Mango quickly lost conscience for there was blood gushing out of his head.  No one knew if he would make it for there was Blood everywhere.  Some said... He is dead!

Oh no!

I began to scream in terror and began crying for who would want to hurt my good friend Mango for being Gay.  Where was Security? I yelled out to my friend Chris.  How the hell could they let this happen??

Chris turned to me and said...Security quite a long time ago, for a threat, had been called in that they were going to attack without warning.  Who would know it would be Room 7... The Student Lounge where all the Students hang out.  Poor Mango he didn't have a chance to defend himself and now his "Dead".

They?... Chris paused.

You know Los .....  

Los What??  What is this all about?

Sometimes, it's better not to mingle with everyone you know.

As we both began crying for the lost of Mango our good friend;  suddenly the lights went out in the whole Town. 

Someone yells out ...It's them.  Everyone Lock yourselves in at Room 7.   We all made a run for it and did as we were instructed to do by a Student Counselor Team. Ever Room was pitched black.  All the Students began to scream for you could not even see your hand in front of you; even if you were to put your hand out in front of you.  A panic erupted within the Students that were there, but somehow the Guidance Counselors managed to keep everyone calm as to what could be happening with these Mask Men. 

Everyone began to scream once again when the lights flickered on and then off again.  Then a Silver Skull Ring came out of the Curved Out Cross in Room 7 as someone was praying.   

I pulled out the Flashlight that I carried in my purse and heard when a Supernatural Voice came out of Room 7 Curved Out Cross which said . . .  “Si Sangre queries Sangre les voy a DAR.” (If it is Blood that you want, then Blood is what you will get). I quickly lite my Flashlight and that day;  I knew what the famous saying ...  "I will put God's Fear into you meant".  Then a strong odor began to come out of that Curved Cross in Room 7.  Till this day no one goes into that Room 7 for it is Cursed and Stained with the Blood of the fallen student.  I believe the Skull Ring is still on the floor for it came out with fire and burned into the ground once Mango threw it at the Mask Man.  I looked at my Best Friend Chris and said. We have to fight this evil voice and that is when we both react at the same time...We both held our breaths and replied with Flashlight Shining now looked like a beam of Light in the form of the Cross would be coming out of the beam of the Flashlight we were both holding on too.  

We both said... “Si Sangre quieres, la Sangre de Jesus Cristo tiene poder.”  "If it is Blood you are looking for; then Jesus Christ will guide you with his powerful message as our Lord and Savior.  As soon as we said this and both made the sign of the Cross we saw a Black Shadow run out of Room 7 and jump out the Hallway Window.  Until this day you can see the burnt out Cross which would testify until this day...That Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.  Amen
























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