11 Reasons Why It's Good To Be A Writer
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
January 2019
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
January 2019
  1. You can always use writing as an excuse for skipping boring meetings, and don’t listen to those who  tell you otherwise. Have they struggled to write an opening paragraph better than in War and Peace? Probably not. So, don’t bother.
  2.   You can steal some very personal stories from your friends and shamelessly use them in your novel or a short story, without being forever banned from their lives. You’re immortalizing them, so they should be thankful, and what if you receive a Pulitzer, or a Noble Prize? They will surely be proud. Maybe in a hundred years time, but still. Time is not essential  for writing. Maybe your work will become a  timeless classic and children will read it in schools, who knows?
  3. No one will think you’re crazy, seeing you talking to yourself in public, because you can always blame it on trying to find your character’s unique voice.    
  4. Even if your family members are allergic to dogs, you can still be a dog owner.   You’ll need those long daily dog  walks, the best time to think about  gigantic plot  holes in your novel.
  5.   If your boss catches you googling something completely unrelated to your work, say, a life-span of a rabbit, you can always tell, you’re doing a little research for your next book and shoot him that look of a future Nobel Prize laureate or a best-selling author. Ideally both.

               6) If you never really liked your name, you can change it to a pen name without mortifying your family members and forcing them to cut you out  from a family will forever.

                7)  You can jump at any opportunity of travelling alone, saying you’ve just signed-up for a writing retreat.

             8)  You can watch Netflix all day, and say you’re casting actors for an upcoming movie adaptation of your book. Good books have to be made into movies, and yours is definitely worth it.

           9) You can hung up phone on anyone, without sounding rude, because that unique ending of your novel came to your mind right then, and you had to put it down on paper, immediately.   

10) You can be the only living writer known for your loved ones, and they will pamper you, happilly drink coffee with you or  even anything stronger, while  you'll still in your Pajamas, because you've just finished  the 25th draft of your novel.  Isn't a book launch the best reason to throw a party? 

11)  Lastly,  few things in life are better than hearing “My aunt is a writer,” believe me.


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