• Three Keys of Book Blogging
Three Keys of Book Blogging
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January 2019
Written by
January 2019

The first key of blogging, be it a book blog, or any other blog, is Passion. There are no substitutes (or shortcuts) for inborn motivation. In the case of book blogging, you either love books and writing, or you don’t. 

Content is King, and it also is the second key of book blogging. 

Over the years I have found writing about ‘light-weight literary musings’ best. This keeps the overall tone of the blog ‘focused’ and ‘generally’ palatable. A so-to-speak safe place where readers can relax...and hopefully read a chuckle or two. 

Important factors that coincide with Content, is writing ‘short-winded’ blog posts. This can be a challenge. Like what writer, who LOVES reading, writing and books, isn’t challenged by keeping things short, sweet and to the point? Nooooo... we've got to go on and on and on and on...

Creating ‘awesome’ Captions and ‘award-winning’ Headlines are other important musts; and my personal nemesis. Although I enjoy doodling... as it relaxes my mind, which augments my creativity, I nonetheless have yet to win an award for one of my headlines and struggle to find any of them ‘awesome’. Professionals are hired for the sole purpose of creating headlines, which does make me feel a little better, and hopefully you too.

The third key is TIME. I’ve asked myself many times ‘how much time should I spend writing blog posts?’ My best answer; blogging being the best place to hone and fine tune our writing skills, then makes any amount of time I spend writing worth it.

Note: One major concern many bloggers fret over, that I wouldn’t stress about, is the level of social engagement on your blog. Whether you have one loyal fan, or hundreds... of thousands, for every ‘key’ cited in this post, plus your one loyal fan, is every cause to stay motivated if writing is your one thing. 

Re-quoting a favorite quote (Brainy Quotes credit Taylor Hanson); “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world."

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