Cannabis, Marijuana: Are You or a Loved One Addicted or Dependant?

Marijuana Addiction: 23 Clinical Questions to Assess for Cannabis Dependence and Addiction By ANTONIA AMORE-BROCCOLI ©, MSW, LCSW


1) Did your cannabis use start out recreational and eventually progressed into dependence and/or daily use?

2) Do you use cannabis to relieve and regulate your emotions and/or problems?

3) Do you use cannabis as a social lubricant to make you feel less inhibited and/or relieve any social anxiety?

4) Do you use cannabis for medicinal reasons (regularly/chronically): to relieve mental, psychological and/or physical ailments?

5) Have you noticed a decline in your cognitive functioning or thought process: Do you experience problems with staying on or completing tasks? Do you have problems with your short-term memory or overlook details?

6) Do you operate a vehicle or any other kind of machinery under the influence of marijuana? Do you have a sense of invincibility while driving under the influence?

7) Do you have difficulties with boundaries, discernment and following through with yourself and others? Do you follow through on what you say you're going to do or what you want to accomplish?

8) Have you become more apathetic about your life purpose and life or career goals?

9) If you are a parent: do you have problems with being more permissive as a parent or more rigid and controlling as a parent due to your cannabis use? Are you the parent you want to be?

10) Are you irritable, discontent and/or impatient when you're coming down from marijuana, or when feeling the need and desire to get high again?

11) Are you surprised that you want to get high sooner and more often?

12) Do you become anxious when your cannabis supply is nearly gone? Do you go to extreme lengths to be sure your supply doesn't run out?

13) Do you hide your marijuana stash in different places and later forget where? Or do you hide it from significant others/family members?

14) As your cannabis use increased, did your life become more stagnated, as if time slowed down or stopped completely? Did you become more and more socially isolated?

15) How does the concept of "a-motivational syndrome" (that comes with chronic marijuana use and addiction) affect your ability or inability to follow up on your dreams and aspirations? Have you abandoned dreams and aspirations and felt complacent: telling yourself that spending more time getting high is simply ok?

16) Do you or have you had adverse consequences at your job or in school as a direct result of your cannabis use?

17) Have you felt an increase in depressed moods or an overall decline or decomposition of your mental health?

18) Have your friends, family members or co-workers ever confronted you regarding your Marijuana use?

19). Do you feel emotionally distant when you are under the influence and/or chronically using marijuana?

20) Have you ever tried to cut down, moderate or control your use with little or no success?

21) Have you made promises to yourself that you are unable to keep? If so, has this caused feelings of shame, depression or self-adversity?

22) Do you have increased problems with impulse control, anger or rage?

23) Can you imagine your life without using marijuana?


Each individual admits on their own (with the assistance of these professionals or a self-help group) that they are a marijuana addict. A person can decide if the adverse consequences of their chronic are affecting their lives and relationships enough to be motivated to stop marijuana.  Note: Not all professionals, therapists, psychiatrist's and MD's are specialized in addiction and/or marijuana addiction specifically. Your clinician may diagnosis you with a cannabis dependency or cannabis addiction. However, the motivation to quit starts with a small or large honest desire to want to stop.

Antonia Teresa Amore-Broccoli, LCSW

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