The Best Way to Start a Blog in 2019
Written by
Victoria Lim
February 2019
Written by
Victoria Lim
February 2019

Women are just one of the once-marginalized groups who are finally receiving a voice they deserve and are finally able to express themselves in public. The best way a woman can say what she desires and for everybody to hear her is through an online blog. In general, a blog is an ideal format for a person to share her thoughts and opinions on all topical matters in the world. The blog is not only creative but it can be lucrative if we take into consideration all the paid advertisement. Of course, before you can start making money from your blog, you need to learn how to start it and make it is as interesting as possible so people would keep coming back to it. The right way to start a blog keeps changing from year to year, so here is what you need to take into consideration in 2019 if you want your posts to go viral.

Why write in the first place?

As we said, a blog can turn out to be lucrative but few bloggers start writing because they want to become rich. When we talk about becoming famous, this number increases and when we get to the topic of using writing as a psychological exhaust valve, the number of people skyrockets. Basically, there are two major pieces of advice when it comes to the reasons behind starting a blog.

Firstly, you write because that is your and only your wish and a right that you are deciding to use. Secondly, the main motive behind everything is the concept of expressing oneself through writing about familiar things. For receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature the main advice is to “write what you know” and blogs are no different. Write about the things that make you happy or that bother you and share your opinion with a wider cyber community.

Will people care?

Achieving the ideal of honesty and writing about what you know best is not enough in many cases. There are countless cases of people who have started a blog about some unimportant matters that got only a few readers a month. That is why you must do some research online, even if that simply means tying in the topic you wish to write about in Google search. This way, you will know if people are interested in what you have to say or explain, so you can go ahead with the first article. However, if your provisionary research yields no results, it might be smarter to stick to expressing your thoughts on Instagram or Twitter. We are sorry to say, but not every single woman is born to be an influencer.

Picking the right platform for the blog

Time to move onto technical details. There are many platforms out there that are both freeware and payware but the best solution for a rookie blogger is by far WordPress. It is so vastly popular that it is expected that in the next couple of years nearly one-third of all websites will be powered by WordPress. The secret behind such an immense success lies in a simple user interface which allows people who are not tech wizard to use it with ease. A huge user base means that any problem you encounter had probably already been solved by another user, so there is basically free community support. Finally, it is fairly easy to choose a WordPress theme because there are thousands of them available. These themes determine how the blog will look and additional plugins control its functionality.

Registering a domain and choosing a name

By now you know what you are writing about and you have worked out the visual presentation for the readership. Now is the time to register a domain and launch your blog into cyberspace! The domain is the permanent internet address that will enable people to find you by typing the name of your blog into a search engine. This is why you have to choose the name for the blog carefully because it will correspond to your domain. Essentially, the name of the domain is like a brand, so it has to be motivational. You can read how other famous brands like Nike got their name. Perhaps their success stories will inspire you to put into words what your blog is all about.

Finding a free domain

Even if you come up with the most original of names, the battle for your piece of bloggers’ paradise is not over. Perhaps someone else thought of the exact same name and bought an eponymous domain. This means that you cannot use this exact name because only one person can use any given domain at the same point in time. That is why you have to search online or install domain search engines to check the availability of the desired domain. If the name isn’t taken, you can register a new domain, or you can buy it from the person owning it.

A word of advice: always search for domains that end with “.com” as they are the easiest to remember by potential readers. If you are unsure how to formulate in words your domain, keep in mind that there are useful log name generators that can help you choose the right combination of letters. Oh yeah, try to avoid numbers and hyphens in the blog’s name, these make it harder for people to remember the exact name.

There are numerous tips and tricks that follow registering a domain but they all ensue after your blog is up and running online. Once you see how Internet users are reacting to your WordPress sweetheart, you can start upgrading the entire blog and who knows, turn it into a proper website or even start an offline enterprise.

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