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  • Become a Freelance Writer Even Without Any Experience
Become a Freelance Writer Even Without Any Experience
Written by
Andrea Parker
February 2019
Written by
Andrea Parker
February 2019

It may be time for a change in your work life.  Perhaps you are tired of the daily grind.  You could change that and become a Freelance Writer even if you don't have any experience yet.  

Do You Dare to Become a Freelance Writer?

It is true that the economy is discouraging to many.  Families are struggling with many people unemployed.  Still others are employed only part-time or in positions they don't like.  If you have good communication skills, you may want to put them to use as a writer.  

Do you think there is a special magic to being successful? There is not, although there is a skill set that is helpful.  Excellent grammar, syntax and research skills are essential.  There is no magic, though, just hard work.

How Can You Succeed as a Beginner?

It is daunting to be a beginner in any endeavor because you often feel inexperienced.  However, beginners often have an excitement that many more seasoned professionals lack.  This zeal for writing can carry you far.  In the end though, it is those who persevere in their writing who succeed.

It is a good practice to write every day. Writing becomes easier as you do more of it.  When you are a new writer, you may struggle to even write one article.  Over time, you will be able to write a dozen and plan even more.  Try writing poems, stream of consciousness writing and even use your diary to keep up the flow of words.

Seek out inspiration.  Inspiration is what speeds a writer along, yet it can be hard to come by.  Each person is inspired differently.  Perhaps beautiful music or an interesting movie make it easier for you to write.  Many find that attending an art gallery, museum or performance art show can inspire them.  Still others take long walks to clear their mind so they can write more effectively.

Get Your First Writing Clips

As a new writer, one of your first goals is to get some "clips." This means you need to get some of your work accepted for publication and printed.  This could be a newspaper clipping or a local publication.  Local publications that are small and less well-known are often easier to get into than larger, more famous magazines.

In order to get these clips, you usually must learn to write query letters.  Many new writers think that the proper way to get published is by sending articles out to editors.  In fact, sending out articles that are not agreed upon in advance is the mark of the rookie.  Learn to express your ideas in the form of query letters in order to see if the editors have need of your submission.

Marketing Strategy is the Key to Success

The key to success as a Freelance Writer is to write a great many words and market regularly.  The writing part involves great self-discipline and dedication.  It is best to set up a writing schedule and respect it.  Respecting your writing time equals respecting your talent and yourself. Marketing is being in a constant process of seeking new markets in order to get paid.

No matter how good your articles, essays or books are, you won't make a dime unless you do your marketing.  You will need a total plan of action to organize your selling effort. This plan of action for selling is the very heart of marketing.  You must market very consistently to achieve a good income. 

At this time next year you could be a Freelance Writer with experience if you begin now.  Focus on getting your first published pieces.  Do not neglect your writing schedule.  Try to write a higher word count each day.  Observe the proper form by writing professional query letters and understand the importance of marketing.  Why not begin at once?

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