news of dad's death
Written by
Susan Griffin
February 2020
Written by
Susan Griffin
February 2020

I'm a night owl.  When I woke the afternoon of Labor Day of 2014 it was like most any other day, I showered, got dressed, brewed a pot of coffee, sat down at my desk and opened Facebook.  One of the first posts I read said, "My father passed away today, it was rather unexpected." This being posted by my sister! My reply, of course, was 'WTF?"

My dad suffered a massive and fatal heart attack.  I can remember the feelings I was hit with.  First the pure shock of the news.  My dad had always been active, he worked for Mountain Bell outdoor year round, climbing telephone poles in Teller County, CO. and he retired from M. B. about 8 years before he died.  When he wasn't working at the job, he always kept busy at home, working outdoors in the yard or his garage working on cars, remodeling or tinkering on projects inside the house or whatever.  I can only remember one time my dad actually got sick.  I never imagined he would die as he did. Maybe I should have had a clue, my older brother had 2 serious heart attacks, the 2nd one killed him, he was 49, and my younger brother has had 2 also, with his more recent attack nearly killing him.  His heart stopped NINE times, he was in CICU in an ice bath and an induced coma. He was fortunate to have survived with no serious brain damage.



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