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To Share or Not to Share?
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
February 2019
Written by
Nino Gugunishvili
February 2019


For every author, there comes a point when they decide to share their writing in progress, their drafts with potential readers for a feedback, for sharing thoughts, for hearing positive or critical remarks and suggestions and while every author knows that sooner or later, when their book is published, they will possibly receive negative reviews alongside praise, still, it is difficult to face the fact that someone, doesn’t like your work,  that the story  you’ve spent so many hours on writing and polishing, and rewriting is not as engaging as you thought, or that your characters are not as loveable, interesting, funny, dramatic, multidimensional as you saw them through your author prism.  

 Share or not to share your draft with all its flows and inconsistencies or wait until your writing is perfectly polished? I think it depends on how prepared you are to receive criticism, on what you’re expecting from a feedback. It also depends on who you identify with as your very first readers. Are they your friends, your family members, fellow authors? What kind of feedback you’re expecting to receive from them?  

Of course we all are different, and there is no ready to use successful formula when it concerns whether to share or not to share our writing. Every experience is different. Some of us may be willing to receive as much as critical suggestions as possible in the process of working on our first drafts, from pointing out grammatical mistakes to discussing characters and narrative.  I personally have to admit, that positive feedback motivates me much more than criticism, and it’s through encouragement that I’d try to write better. I think that encouragement is essential especially during those first stages of writing your first draft, because your style, your voice, your craft will eventually change and develop in so many unexpected ways as you progress, you’ll definitely need tiny encouragements along the way here and there.

Back when I worked on my debut novel, I remember being very impatient with receiving feedback on what I just wrote, terrorizing my friends, demanding their immediate response. I was so overwhelmed with the sole fact of writing, I wanted to share it right there and then. 

Today, that ridiculous behaviour of mine makes me laugh, and if I’m sharing any of my drafts now, I’m trying to be patient, yet, often I fail, because part of me still can’t hide the anticipation of sharing what I wrote, that joy of hearing the “Run Lola, run!”  from at least one of my readers. 



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