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This blog was featured on 03/04/2019
Spring Cleaning Organization Tips for Your Writing Life
Written by
She Writes
March 2019
Written by
She Writes
March 2019

The arrival of spring brings with it the perfect excuse to get your life, home and writing in order. Give your writing a refresh this spring with some of our best organization tips for your writing life.

Schedule Out Your Social Media

It can be overwhelming knowing that in addition to writing your book or next project, you also need to stay on top of your social media game and keep your readers engaged. This spring, get in the habit of scheduling out your social media posts so it doesn’t detract from your writing time. Spending a mere two or three hours each week making sure your Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram posts are scheduled ahead of time will take some of the pressure off of your work week. We recommend using a scheduler like Hootsuite for Twitter and Facebook and Planoly for Instagram.

Organize Your Writing Space

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but it’s one that will severely increase your productivity and desire to write. Sitting down at a messy desk won’t inspire you so set up a workspace that you want to visit every day. Keeping the items you need to efficiently finish your day’s work in addition to items that inspire you— like your favorite photo or inspirational framed quote— nearby will remind you to push forward when you hit a roadblock in your writing.

Take up journaling and note taking

As a creative mind and writer, you naturally come up with great story ideas and other writing-focused concepts. Instead of trying to keep track of these ideas in your brain— because let’s be real, that’s nearly impossible—start writing them down in a journal and return to them later when you’re in front of the page. Not a fan of keeping a physical journal on you at all time? Utilize apps on your phone where you can take notes and keep all of your ideas in one place.

Log your daily word count

Another tip that may seem obvious but logging your word count every day is important when it comes to seeing your progress. Some days you may only log 500 words but other days you could log 10 times that amount; use the knowledge that you can write a lot in a single sitting as a source of motivation on the days you’re struggling to get anything onto the page.

Keep track of the time you spend writing

Do you ever sit down to write and end up scrolling through your Twitter feed for an hour? We’ve all been there. When it comes to getting proper writing time in, it’s important to keep track of the time you’re actually spending writing. Hold yourself accountable this spring by writing down how much time you’re devoting to your art and use it as a way to reflect on your writing habits and whether or not you’re spending enough of your time on your craft.

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