What Kind of Freelance Writer Will You Be?
Written by
Andrea Parker
March 2019
Written by
Andrea Parker
March 2019

Perhaps you have made the decision to become a Freelance Writer.  Bravo! Now, you have some decisions to make.  There are many types of Freelance Writer.  Which type will you be?

Reasons to Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can provide a reliable income and the hours are extremely flexible.  There are so many topics to write about in the world.  If you are curious by your nature, you will always have subjects to explore.  It is possible to begin becoming a writer slowly and continue at your own pace as your confidence increases.

What Skills Are Needed for a Writing Career?

Naturally, it helps if you are good at English grammar and have a broad vocabulary.  If not, do not despair.  You can use online tools to help and take course to improve in this area.  Research skills are really desirable as well.  Find at least three subjects you enjoy and tudy them in depth in order to have background information on your subject.

Specialization in Short Stories

Some writers enjoy storytelling so much that they specialize in short story writing.  It is wise to do background research and create an outline before beginning to write the story.  Most good stories revolve around a struggle or conflict the main character must overcome.  Try to have the story set in an appealing venue or time in history.  Take the outline all the way to draft form.  Then, revise the draft, making it better each time.

Travel Writing Specialty

Another type of writing that can be very fun is travel writing.  When it comes to travel writing, it is good to be a "planner," and calendar your trips well in advance.  Travel writers usually create articles, blog posts and travel guides.  Travel writers often get "perks," such as free nigths in hotels and upgrades.

Freelance Writer/ Public Speaker Combination

One way to increase the value of your writing is to provide public speaking as well.  A great many people are afraid to give public speeches but it is lucrative if you are able to do it.  How many speeches do you want to give each year?  Decide in advance.  Plan out and write your speech and then practice it.  You will be seen as an expert authority in your niche.

Freelance Writer for Business

Most businesses in the digital age need a writer.  This is because the majority have websites and many maintain blogs as well.  All manner of businesses need marketing literature and print outs that describe their services.  Websites need to be continually updated with relevant and timely web content.

Becoming a Freelance Writer is truly a great decision.  There are many specializations to consider.  There are writers for businesses, travel writers and even short story writers.  Your future is your own to make and it starts with deciding what kind of writing you enjoy most.

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