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This blog was featured on 11/27/2019
An Exclusive Interview with Marianne Waggoner Day
Written by
She Writes
March 2019
Written by
She Writes
March 2019

As a young wife and stay-at-home mother, Marianne Waggoner Day was a “typical” June Cleaver housewife of the ’60s and ’70s―until her divorce necessitated “getting a job.” She started her career in sales and was promoted to various management positions. Ultimately, she became president of retail services for CBRE, where she led the largest commercial retail real estate practice in the world. Under her management, it outperformed the competition nearly two to one.

Day was the first woman to earn a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 100-year-old company. She was a frequent speaker and facilitated learning and training sessions. Ten years ago, she elected to step down from her corporate role while continuing to consult with former clients and coach high-performing business professionals. Now in retirement, she has come full circle―from having her picture in the Wall Street Journal to spending much of her day caring for her grandchildren. Her book, Camp Grandma, is out May 2019.

Share your writing routine.

I usually write in the morning when I feel fresh and rested—except when I want to capture a thought or some storyline running through my head, which can happen anytime, day or night. Then I grab anything I can write with and jot down my thoughts on paper, napkins, or even tissue or a blank bank check—keywords to help me remember what I want to say when I have more time to write.

Describe your writing style in three words.

Like I talk.

What is the first thing you can remember writing?

In early elementary school, I remember writing a poem called “My Walk.” It was about a walk at night, and I described all the spooky things that can seem terrifying in the dark. I finally disclosed in the last sentence that I was a ghost.

When did you start to feel like a writer?

I’m not sure I do yet! I still can’t believe that I have a book being published in May!

Was there something about the publishing experience that surprised you?

I knew so little about the publishing world, I had no expectations, other than to hope someone would think I had something worthwhile to say. Fortunately, that someone was Brooke. I learn from her almost every day, through her calls, conferences, Facebook posts, and emails!

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Write because you love to do it and have something to say. Don’t worry about the finished product. Let it evolve. Once your story is complete, then tackle the next step—getting it out in the world.

What do you do to help develop your craft?

I solicit feedback from others for constructive criticism or validation.

What methods are you using to market your book?

I hired BookSparks as my publicist. I am also developing a social media platform and personally reaching out to key individuals in my field to write testimonials. I have a dedicated website for my book, and I have two book-signing events already planned. I am currently working on bookstore appearances and have identified two book festivals that I hope to participate in.

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