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Genuine WOMEN Dominate.
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March 2019
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March 2019

Up front, getting this out of the way first and fast; the take away advice after reading between all of these lines is, exceptional writing is frank and to the point.

Truth be told, genuine PEOPLE dominate. However, for purposes of the occasion (March for Women)... and the SHE WRITES forum... women who own their stuff not only inspire other women, but exudes ‘that’ light that gets respected. Note, I didn’t write ‘like.’ I wrote respected. There is a difference between being liked and respected.

Short Story.

The first time I saw a male nurse, I was surprised. Seeing a male steward for the first time... and yes, this would be the male terminology for stewardess... as in airline stewardess, I as well did a double-take. The surprises and double-takes kept happening... anytime I came across a male doing anything I thought to be a female dominated activity. 

Interestingly enough albeit, back in the day (the 70’s), my father handled many chores women typically handled... such as ironing, cooking and babysitting neighbors’ children. The little girl he used to watch, who after she had children of her own, laughed with me about how she didn’t know if she could let a (nonrelative) male watch her little girls. Of course we could laugh about this because my father was a good father, and a good man for that matter. The irony was how nobody, to include myself saw this as a big deal. 

Contrary to some of what I hear today, and contrary to my later double-take surprises, back in the day it was normal to see women running households. From men to meals to finances, and vice-versa I was familiar with men and women interchangeably handling the same chores, similar to how I’d seen seen girls smoking boys on track fields. Once, to my amazement and complete satisfaction I dusted a boy myself. Not only did I outrun him, but a part of the challenge was ‘making the basket’, meaning I had to get the basketball in the hoop to win the match. I did both, driving the ball through the hoop on the first shot. Slam dunk! 

In other words, I never struggled with the notion that women (or girls) were inferior to men (or boys). Yes, obviously boys generally grew bigger and stronger, and anatomically were different. It also wasn’t the biggest stretch understanding why men were paid more, when they monopolized the workforce, garnering much time and experience while a majority of women stayed home taking care of the home and children. As cultural and societal norms shifted, wages also (largely) shifted to reflect that dynamic. Note; I say largely because not only women were/are affected by unfairness in the workforce.

Nevertheless, and staying on topic, it wasn’t until films like ‘Mr. Mom’ and books like Mike McGrady’s ‘the kitchen sink papers’ (read in the 2000's) ...along with reflecting back, before it dawned on me; there is only one thing that categorically women can naturally do, that categorically men can not do. Without spelling that one thing out, as if I really need to, I will wrap this up by spelling out the remaining, albeit conceptual contrast, that dominates in all situations. The ability to be genuine. That's the sincerest difference between you...and anyone.

I know. It’s not always easy, but I sincerely celebrate WOMEN 'stepping up and standing out'. Genuine Women dominate, 365.

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