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  • Staying Healthy as a Freelance Writer: 5 Important Self-Care Strategies
Staying Healthy as a Freelance Writer: 5 Important Self-Care Strategies
Written by
Helen Bradford
March 2019
Written by
Helen Bradford
March 2019

Working from home as a freelancer offers you the benefit of organizing your time the way it bests works for you, it gives you an opportunity to sleep as much as you want and it gives you the freedom to decide how much work you’ll be doing each day. However, even with all the perks, freelancing still comes with a few disadvantages. From sitting at the desk for too long to not eating healthy, you could easily start leading an unhealthy lifestyle. That’s why you should ask yourself whether or not you’re on your way to obesity and bad posture, and check out a few tips that’ll help you stay healthy as a freelance writer.

Get some fresh air

Taking a walk or maybe even working out outdoors will help you stay fit and prevent various health issues that a sedentary lifestyle can cause. Therefore, try to have at least an hour-long walk every day after you’re done with your work, to improve your blood circulation and allow your body to recover from sitting for too long. Muscles tend to become weak due to low mobility of freelance writers, so don’t let your body look flabby and your muscles decrease, but go for a quick run or even ride your bike once you’re done with all the writing.

Break a sweat

Sedentary work can be a hazard for your figure, as it will prevent you from staying physically active like you'd be if you'd walk to your office, or spend lunchtime going outside and taking a walk. Also, the more time you spend indoors, the less likely you are to become motivated to go to the gym. Nevertheless, it’s essential that you keep your body moving so that you can stay fit and prevent various health problems that may arise due to a passive lifestyle. Therefore, think about creating a workout nook somewhere in your home, and stop making excuses for doing your daily workouts. With only a little bit of empty space and good gym equipment, you’ll be able to create a perfect little exercises niche to satisfy your daily source of vigor. Therefore, look for quality home gym equipment that you can easily place in your living room, or even in your garage and start every day with a morning stretch and a little bit of cycling. Or do your midday workouts by hitting the treadmill and doing some aerobics exercises.


Sitting at your desk for 6 or more hours every day can put a lot of strain on your spine, making you slouch and put your back at risk of a bad posture. That's precisely why you should know how to sit properly at your desk and do plenty of stretching exercises to keep your spine healthy. Make sure your feet are on the ground and your knees bent at the angle of 90 degrees. You should sit up straight letting your head rest naturally on your shoulders, and try your best not to lean towards the desk too much. Take a break at least every hour to walk to the kitchen and get water, or do a few squats. Find time during the day to do stretching exercises, such as turning your head side to side and up and down, raising your arms up, out to the side to the shoulders.


Hydration is the key to a healthy fit body so it would be a good idea if you kept a glass of water at your desk all the time. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will keep your daily intake of fluids satisfied and boost your metabolism. This is especially true if you drink a glass of alkaline water half an hour before every meal. Try to have a glass of water every hour, and keep a bottle of water next to you during your workouts. While you may be drinking black sugar-free coffee in abundance, it won’t compensate for the lack of water, so instead of having 4 large cups of coffee that will probably keep you alert at night too, switch to water which will actually benefit your body by flushing out all the toxins. Dehydration is the fastest way to headaches, fatigue and inability to concentrate, so make sure you are hydrated throughout an entire day.

Eat well

A healthy diet rich in vitamins, enzymes, fibers and mineral is imperative for a healthy life, which is why you should have a strict eating schedule containing fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains, which you’ll adhere to every day. A nutritious breakfast in the morning, a delicious lunch and not too rich a dinner should be a must. If you feel like throwing in a snack such as an apple or a smoothie between breakfast and lunch, and another one between lunch and dinner that would be great, but just make sure you have three meals that will encompass all the food groups a body needs to function properly.

Final thoughts

Being a freelance writer has many benefits, but it can be a hazard for your health in the long run, unless you introduce some healthy habits into your everyday routine. As long as you are physically active, hydrate enough and eat well, you’ll have nothing to worry about, and your job won’t affect your health in any way.

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