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  • 4 Things to Do As a Family to Inspire Fresh Ideas
4 Things to Do As a Family to Inspire Fresh Ideas
Written by
Beth Derrick
March 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
March 2019

Trying new things brings everyone together

There are so many things to do together with your family to inspire fresh writing ideas, from taking walks to cooking dinner together, although fun, get old after a while. Luckily, there are other, more unique things that you can do that will not only give you quality family time but teach you a thing or two to share with others in your writings at the same time!

1. Go Antiquing

There is not much more fun than getting up bright and early on a Saturday morning, getting the family into the car and heading out for a day of antiquing. Antiques carry loads of energy and stories from the families they've orginated from. From antique glass to old furniture and from musty shops to old books that contain history that can't be denied, you and your family can find many, many treasures while out antiquing and you'll have a ball doing it together. Plus, you can walk away with creative stories about what conversations that old furniture has heard over the years.

2. Start a Garden

There's just something about starting off a story with the main character getting their hands into the dirt, planting seeds, and then enjoying the fruits of their labor that makes you want to share that natural magic with others. From a succulent garden, a flower garden, or a garden where food for the family grows, integrating this connection to nature in your writings brings a calm humanity and peace to your story. A reader might be inspired to connect with the earth and live off the land and you never know where that could indirectly lead someone in their life.

3. Trace Your Family Tree

Have you ever wondered about your roots? Where did you get your blond hair? Where did your son get his twinkling green eyes? Have you often wondered where your daughter got her extreme love for everything to do with music? If you have, then you can imagine that your readers have too. The answers are easy to find, simply by tracing your genealogy. You will learn the history of your family and the answers to all of those questions. This is something that you and your children will love doing together and the memories will last you a lifetime as well.

4. Start a Business Together

Do you and your family love to craft? Do you love to write stories and read them to one another on long winter's nights? Take the hobby you share and turn it into a business you can start together. Not only will you have fun doing it, and create many memories, it's something that can possibly be handed down from generation to generation as a family business. You never know until you try, now do you. Besides, making some spending money off of something that your whole family loves is always a good thing.

These are just a few of the unique ways that you can do things together as a family. All of the other family activities are fun, but these are just a little bit different and so rewarding, don't you think?


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