One Writer, One Reader


When I write, I often have one reader in mind. Instinctively, I sense, that what I wrote will resonate with at least one person in the world; a person, who reads women’s stories, women’s fiction or non-fiction. A reader, that may be far from me geographically, have a whole different cultural or social background, may be living on another continent, and still, possibly discover something emotionally fulfilling in reading my work.

When I write, I can’t help but imagine my readers of different ages, with different life stories of their own. How do they live? What do they worry about?  Are they happy? What do they dream of? What do they want to achieve? Are they single? Married? Divorced? Do they have pets? Or maybe they’re allergic to pets? Do they have big families? What are their passions, aspirations or regrets?  

       Picturing all those details, big and small, help me to invent and visualize my potential readers, it may seem similar to when you’re creating an audience for the social media ads, only this time, it stays in your mind and serves as a motivator, as an impulse to write your story for just one reader, one woman, somewhere, very near, or very far.  




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