Changing Health To Make Young Writers Care
Written by
Beth Derrick
March 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
March 2019

Changing Health To Make Young People Care

More people than ever are writers now, and many of the younger of our circles think that they are invincible. They think that just because they are young and engaged with the information exchange online, they are immune to mental and physical health problems. However, health problems can occur at any age or profession. That is why changes in the health industry and many insurance providers are doing their part to encourage people to live healthier lives. If you're a full-time writer or freelancer, how are you repeaing these benefits?

Giving Rewards for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The earlier a person starts living a healthy lifestyle, the better their health and happiness and writing career will fair in the long run. In fact, people who start living a healthy lifestyle early are less likely to have major problems later in life. Health insurance companies are getting young adults to care about their health by giving them rewards for making healthy choices.

For example, many health insurance companies give people rewards for keeping track of their workouts. Some health insurance companies also give people discounts or reimbursements for going to the gym. Regular exercise helps strengthen the heart and reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain forms of cancer. You might consider starting a health section in your blog to share what you've learned and what's worked for you. If your daily exercise routine consists of walking from your computer to the coffee pot (as mine sometimes does), I'm looking at you! 

Another area where insurers are willing to help young adults is mental health. Whether it’s approving treatment at Georgia Drug Detox in Macon, GA or getting professional therapy for clinical depression, insurers recognize the need to address these and similar health issues sooner rather than later. The longer someone goes without being diagnosed and treated, the more harm they will cause themselves and others through substance abuse, antisocial habits, bursts of anger, or other destructive behaviors. While some of these life events and patterns might make for a more interesting character to be written, they aren't actually enjoyable and healthy for happiness and love in real life.

Health insurance companies also allow people to get discounts on health products such as supplements and healthy foods. The cost is one of the things that stops people from going to the gym or buying healthy products. If gym memberships and health products are more affordable for starving artists and writers, then it is easier for people to live healthier.

Encouraging Annual Checkups

The yearly physical is something that many young adults skip because they do not see the need for it. However, yearly physicals are important because they detect health problems that people may not be aware of. Health insurance companies are encouraging more people to get their physical by paying for it. In fact, the cost of the physical can often be 100 percent covered by health insurance. Sitting is the new smoking, and writing has never been a very physically active activity, has it?

Health care providers are helping patients get more out of their physicals by asking them questions. They ask detailed questions about the patient's diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. If patients see that the health care provider has a genuine interest in their health, then they will be more likely to make the right health choices. If we write about our health adventures, challenges and triumphs, this adds an additional layer of accountability and focus to others.

Annual checkups are considered preventative care. Preventative care not only helps you protect your health, but it also helps you save money. The American health care industry spends billions of dollars per year on health conditions that can be prevented. As I tell our son, "It's much easier to keep things tidy, than to clean up big unnecessary messes."

Offering a Patient Portal

The vast majority of healthcare providers today have a patient portal. The patient portal allows people to view their health records online. It also allows patients to send messages to their healthcare providers and get health information. The last type of distraction you want interrupting your fresh storylines is a nagging line on your to-do list to follow up with your doctor's office, again. Check it out online quickly, and get on with your day.

Studies have shown that the patient portal helps increase patient engagement. If patients have access to their medical information, then they will know about their health status. They will also be able to see areas where they can improve. We all have to be more proactive about taking care of themselves if we want to keep ourselves healthy and contributing to the vast knowledge base and published works we all know and love. 

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