Antonia’s Daily Prayer

Oh, Great Spirit

Help me to stay conscious and ever reminded of  my personal lack of will power with marijuana, as well as any other mind altering substances including Alcohol.

I am humbled in this surrender. A daily decision and intention;  I choose not to use or pick up any type of cannabis today.  This cognitive knowledge helps me to remember daily  (in every cell in my being) that once I use any form of cannabis: I can not stop because I am an addict and my life will unravel in ways that are completely demoralizing and unpredictable. 
As seductive and subtle marijuana is: using pot even a little hit or an edible will only lead to a life out of my own control. As the monster of addiction takes over and I know longer have a choice but to use cannabis morning, noon  and night. 

Great Spirit, Guide me in my recovery today and in all of my affairs.  Give me strength and sound mind if I am tempted or unexpectedly exposed to canabis marijuana and/or other mind-altering substances, including alcohol.

Today Great Spirit, I Surrender deeper into the knowledge, experience and feeling in my heart that I am aligned with my true nature and desire to continue to stay clean and sober. Through the Grace of Spirit, I am free from the insanity of active addiction, free from the mental obsession to use marijuana morning, noon and night. Free, by the Grace of Spirit from the physical impulsive and compulsive uncontrollable behavior to use Marijuana beyond my truest desires and intentions.

Through Great Spirits Grace, I am free from both this mental obsession and physical compulsion.

My intent today as I awake  Is to remember this!

I can not afford  complacency with long term sobriety. 

I came to believe in a power greater than myself which I call Great Spirit. Each new day,  I am continuously restored from the insanity of active addiction.

In this grace and freedom; I continue each day; today and these next 24 hours, to turn my life and my  will over the tender loving care of this great spirit.

Guide me in my recovery. May I be kind all of my affairs. May my words be gentle and loving! Through my shortcomings as a human being may I have the ability to pause and withhold my tongue. May my actions and Behavior be loving, kind and gentle with myself, all animals and all other human being.

May Great Spirits will for me be shown and demonstrated easily and without effort. This which affords others I am in contact with and myself peace, love and serenity.  Relieve me from my ego, my arrogance and allow me to walk in thy Grace, in thy peace and in thy way of life. May I remain humble in thy grace!

Thank you for another day of higher consciousness, present and free from active addiction. 

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