Feng Shui for the Writer's Desk
Written by
Helen Bradford
March 2019
Written by
Helen Bradford
March 2019

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of arranging the furniture around your home so as to promote peace and harmony in your environment. As well as mastering this technique on a bigger scale that is your home, you can devote your attention to other certain aspects of the house. One such aspect is definitely the writer’s desk. As a writer, your biggest fear is definitely a lack of inspiration or writer’s block. By infusing Feng Shui with your writing routine, you guarantee there are no bad days and no more fruitless brainstorming sessions.

1. Place your desk in a command position

The most common problem with writing is that your desk isn’t in the right position. The command position ensures you’re facing the right way to accept all the opportunities coming towards you instead of turning your back on them. What’s more, this position means you should have visual control over your surroundings.

You may think that facing the wall is the most logical decision because there are no distractions, but this way you’re also cutting away supplies of inspirational energy. Ideally, you should have a view of the door with your back turned to the wall. Having a nice view out of the window is a bonus. The room your desk is currently in may not have the composition suitable enough for this position, in which case you should consider moving your desk to another room.

2. Pay attention to the south wall

In Feng Shui, the south is the frame area. This means the south wall should be filled with your school and work accomplishments. High school and college diplomas, any rewards and plaques you may have gotten, praise and compliments for people in your field- everything should neatly go on the south wall.

In short, all of your accomplishments should be in the same place. This will ensure prosperity but also make your home office more aesthetically pleasing. Since the powers of Feng Shui work best on south walls, it’s logical all of your accomplishments should be placed there.

3. Don’t neglect the southeast corner

The way you face is one of the biggest and most important notions of Feng Shui. Each side of the world has a specific purpose and if you use them right, the energy you wish to attract will find you. In that spirit, the southeast corner represents the creative corner in Feng Shui. Your desk and other home office items that are in balance with this energy should be set in the southeast corner of the room.

Consider adding an aquarium or some plants to the mix, as they work very well with the southeast energy. As this is also the corner that attracts wealth, you may add a desktop water fountain. The water fountain can potentially increase your earnings, but will also probably increase your creativity.

4. Use the power of colours

Colours have a real significance in our lives, and even more so in Feng Shui. Certain colours can mean things like money, wealth, romance, or luck. A writer would need to make use of all of these in a certain way. For maximum effect, you should use both the colours of yin and yang. To enhance luck and wealth, turn to the colours of yang. The combination of lavender and gold, for example, is especially fruitful.

Therefore, you can make your desk lamp the colour of gold, while the beautiful mats on the floor should be accentuated in lavender. Ideally, you could repaint your entire home office, but adding pieces of these colour combinations is just as good and fruitful. Another colour combination you can opt for is yellow and red, as these colours signify unity, prosperity, excitement, and energy. In other words, they possess the power to give you anything a writer should need.

5. Harness the power of the centre

As we’ve already established, the position of items in Feng Shui is very important. To ensure you’re healthy and fortunate, you should harness the power of the centre. The centre of your desk may be difficult to decorate though, as it is usually in full use. Your laptop or computer usually takes the centre, not leaving room to attract any Feng Shui energies.

That being said, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from adorning your computer with blue calcite or citrine. These crystals promote liveliness and energy, but also communication. Thus, both of these aspects ensure you’re both physically and mentally healthy. You can also surround your desk with personal mementos from friends, family, and coworkers.

This is believed to encourage honest thoughts towards yourself and those you care about. Being on good terms with the people you work with and love can also do wonders for your overall health, thus ensuring prosperity.


Being a writer is a very challenging job that requires a lot of creativity. The torture of typing long into the night, the pressure of deadlines, and the anticipation of how well your work can be received are all necessary for this trade. Yet, it’s all worth it when you see people’s eyes light up as they read your work, and as your publisher pats you on the back for another masterpiece. We all strive for a calmer and less stressful writing process, though. With Feng Shui, you can have the reward, but with a much calmer sense of self and reality.

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