21 Reasons Why
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March 2019
Written by
March 2019

Honestly, I grabbed that number off the back of my left shoulder because I thought I had 101 reasons right off the top of my head for why I write.

1.    I simply love telling stories
2.    It’s invigorating
3.    It’s fun
4.    It’s enjoyable
5.    It’s interesting
6.    It’s like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, and I love puzzles
7.    Driven to go places where few venture
8.    Seeing things others don’t see
9.    Inborn instinct cultivated at an early age
11.    I especially love playing with words
12.    ...and absolutely HEED one of Toni Morrison’s popular quotes; "If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it."
13.    ...given another thing I really LOVE, is READING

But, there are other things, on the flip side, that draw me to write;

14.    Like Frustration. No, I try NOT to work on books when frustrated, but have jotted down some doozy of thoughts in journals 
15.    Pain is another one. This is my way to slacken the hurt 
16.    Annoyance is yet another emotion on the flip side, that stokes my fire 
17.    Journaling is what hones my skill, and is good exercise and practice to boot
18.    Writing keeps me productive, and humble, since I’m always learning as I write
19.    which, after all this, WHY WOULD I NOT WANT to see my words in print
20.    ...behind a cover with MY name on it
21.    Not once, as in NEVER, have I envisioned doing anything else.

Okay, and so, I’m a little early for poetry month. But to avoid being late, dealing with several projects ...and fires I have on my plate, I decided not to let this piece sit and wait..

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