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  • Writing Woes: Tips for Writing on Mundane Topics
This blog was featured on 04/22/2019
Writing Woes: Tips for Writing on Mundane Topics
Written by
Beth Derrick
March 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
March 2019

As you evolve in your writing career, there will come a time when you’ll be tasked with the duty to write on a topic that’s well, pretty boring. When this happens you may find yourself staring at the screen for hours, discarding draft after draft, and really stressed out. You’ve developed an authentic connection with your audience and you’re worried about how to get your point across without putting them to sleep - and ruining your reputation.

Is it possible to write about a boring or broad topic in a relatable and entertaining way? How do you get past writer’s block and into your creative process to begin putting together the pieces of your content? Though it will take some practice, the truth is you can write compelling pieces  on just about any topic. Below are a few tricks of the trade:

Look at The Topic or Item From Different Angles

The first trick to writing on mundane topics or random items is to look at it from various angles. If you’ve been asked to write about bras, for example, don’t automatically draw your attention to obvious content like bra shopping tips. Instead, consider more interesting questions your audience may have that you can answer. Such as, “Is There any way to fix common bra issues like exposed wire or bent hooks?”

Both of these questions discuss bras but also answer something the average woman may want to know. It takes to the topic from boring to interesting and creates a new angle for you to write from for your target audience.

Educate Yourself

If you’re not into a subject writing about it becomes a challenge. How in the world can you convince your audience that they should be interested in what you have to say if you don’t believe it yourself? The more you know about a topic, the easier it is to break it down into relatable, informative content. Do extensive research on the topic to get a better understanding of what it is. Read blogs, watch videos, even check out a movie if it will give you insight. You may not love it once you’re done, but, at the very least you’ll be in a better position to explain.

Use the Media

Sometimes, a topic isn’t interesting until it becomes trending news. If you’ve been asked to write a piece on bitcoin and its significance in the financial market today, perhaps you could gain better leverage by finding a way to tie it to reports in the news.

Use Images

Visuals help your readers to connect with and further comprehend the information they’re viewing. If you have to write on a mundane topic, try to incorporate images as often as possible to help make the reading more entertaining. Whether you use actual photos of what you’re writing about or infographics to break down the article in smaller, easier chunks,  it helps to bring your content to life.

Don’t Forget Your Personality

No matter what topic you’re asked to write about the worst thing you can do is forget your writing style and personality. Writing in a plain, boring, straightforward voice with no real character or life in your post will only put your audience to sleep. Find ways to let your voice shine through. Throw in punch lines where you can, look up fun facts to break up the text, and give your readers something to tune into.

Boring subjects and everyday items are bound to come your way during your journey as a writer. Don’t allow this to cause you to get stuck, procrastinate, run away from the topic or write an equally boring article. In finding creative ways to spice up a subject matter you not only get your point across to your audience in an entertaining way, but you sharpen your writing skills - which in this line of business is always a plus.

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