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  • 5 Tips on How to Deal with The Loneliness of Working from Home
5 Tips on How to Deal with The Loneliness of Working from Home
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019

You read a lot about the perks of working from home. There’s no overbearing boss or annoying coworkers to deal with. You set your own hours. You control your earnings potential. You also have the added advantage of being able to balance your home and work life a bit easier than someone working in a traditional office setting. These perks are great, but what you don’t read a lot about are some of the downsides of being a remote worker.

One of the biggest issues that you’ll have to overcome when working from home is loneliness. You’re isolated and in your house for at least 8-10 hours a day. If not resolved, this lack of communication and companionship can very easily lead to depression. If you’ve experienced feelings of loneliness and despair as a freelance writer, these tips are sure to help turn things around.

1. Get Out of the House

When your home doubles as your office it’s very easy to stay cooped up inside for hours at a time several days a week. You feel cut off from the rest of the world and as such, begin feeling lonely and depressed. Switch things up just a bit by taking a break from the office and getting out of the house. Something as simple as taking a 15-20 minute walk around the neighborhood can boost your mood and help you feel connected.

2. Schedule Lunch Dates

No matter where you work you need to stop at some point and have a bite to eat. During this 30 minutes to an hour you’ve blocked out for yourself, try penciling in some lunch dates. You can link up with other writers, mother, or ladies from the area going through a similar situation. You could host a nice patio lunch at your place or head to a nearby cafe or restaurant to meet up with friends.

3. Maintain a Social Life

Now that you work from home your social life is going to be more important than ever. Though your job may require you to work non-traditional hours, it doesn’t mean you have to stop living once you’re off the clock. Whether you and your friends grab some vape pods  and wine and hang out at the house or you go out dancing for a romantic date night with your significant other, try your best to keep interacting with friends and loved ones.

4. Join a Group

There’s no better medicine for loneliness than knowing there are others out there that go through the same thing. You can join professional groups for writers or freelancers and connect with individuals who share your pain. Talking with them on your downtime, through social media, and even meeting up in person gives you a group of people to identify with. You can share stories, swap ideas, and fill the void.

5. Structure Your Day

When you’re home alone and there’s no one micromanaging your every move, you tend to lounge around a bit more. Your mindset is a bit lax and, in some cases, this can trigger depression. You’ve got too much time on your hands which can cause you to mope around. Structuring your day, however, keeps you occupied and productive during working hours so that you’re not thinking about how alone you are.

Sure, you don’t have distractions like bosses and coworkers, you can work in your PJs, and start working when it best suits you, but loneliness is a challenge that takes some getting used to. Instead of allowing your working circumstances to trap you into feeling alone, isolated, or depressed, find ways to reconnect with others. Exposure to the outside world, even for a few minutes each day boosts your mood and reduces the feeling you’re by yourself.  

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