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10 Amazing Poets to Follow on Instagram
Written by
She Writes
April 2019
Written by
She Writes
April 2019

Social media has transformed all areas of our life including how we consume literature. Though it has fostered some critical debate, Instagram has become a breeding ground for budding poets. 

With beautiful feeds to compliment their delicately crafted words, these are ten of the most popular poets you can find and follow on Instagram now. 

Rupi Kaur

You can't have a list of Instagram poets without mentioning the one and only Rupi Kaur. With millions of followers under her belt and vast success in selling her first and second poetry collections, Rupi has become the poet many others look up to.

Robert M. Drake 

Drake has published multiple poetry collections, hit the New York Times bestseller list and has collaborated on collections with other poets like the popular r.h. Sin. With the majority of his feed being snippets of his own words on a white background, he proves that sometimes words are much more powerful than visuals.

Lang Leav

Lang Leav is an international bestselling author of seven poetry collections. Having grown her Instagram following to over 500k people, she now fills her feed with artful photos of her books along with snippets of her poetry. For poets trying to grow their following and promote their work, Lang is a great person to model your efforts after. 

Tyler Knott Gregson

Not every poet runs their Instagram account the same as the last writer. Tyler Knott Gregson adds his own unique style to every Instagram post by including handwritten pieces, landscape photography and poems from his typewriter throughout his feed. This unique poet is proof that an Instagram dedicated to your poetry can also include insight into the writer's personal life – something readers enjoy seeing.

Charly Remy Cox 

The most lifestyle oriented poet on this list, Charly Cox is dedicated to her craft and the causes that mean something to her. Interspersing her own poetry with photos from her everyday life and other book-related photos, she gives her work new life and color by letting her audience get to know the woman behind the poetry.

Nikita Gill

Like some of the other poets on this list, Nikita has multiple talents up her sleeve. From graphic design to art and writing, Nikita displays her skills throughout her Instagram in addition to her impactful poetry. With daily poems and inspiration shared in her Instagram stories and throughout her feed, Gill is a great example of a poet who is dedicated to getting her work into the public eye. 


Atticus is the author of multiple poetry collections that have taken Instagram by storm. Sharing black and white graphics and poetry with his 1.1M followers, Atticus sets the bar high for a clean and aesthetic Instagram. With his simple approach to the design of his feed, it shows that it's possible to build a following without having a carefully curated feed filled with designed graphics and professional photography.  

Yrsa Daley-Ward

A writer signed to Penguin Random House, Yrsa Daley-Ward isn't afraid of writing poetry that can sometimes be dark and scary. Yrsa embraces the kind of writing she loves most and her following has quickly latched onto her unique writing style. Including prompts for her fellow writers, and simple black and white and solid colored graphics highlighting her own poems, Yrsa is a prime example of what can come of passionate poetry work. 

r.h. Sin

r.h. Sin is arguably one of the most popular Instagram poets with a staggering following of 1.5M people. With an emphasis on his published works, Sin's Instagram page focuses on promoting his physical books as well as his photography of the world around him. This page is a great example for poets who want to incorporate their other passions into their feeds. 

Amanda Lovelace

Amanda is another mainstream poet who has made her way to Instagram to further promote her work. With a humble following of 72k, Amanda is consistently inspiring her audience with her original works. In particular, Lovelace has challenged herself to write a poem every day of National Poetry Month, promising to share them with her audience no matter the quality. 

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