Finding Ideas and Stories in Material Gifts
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019

I've been writing a lot more lately, on as well as other outlets, in an effort to practice for building my experience and endurance. The truth is, I've always WANTED to be a writer, but since I haven't published a book yet, felt a wee bit of imposter syndrome. In reality, we're all writers, aren't we? If you're like me, and several other friends around the writing world, you scramble to find gifts on holidays and birthdays, as they seem to always sneak up on us. I usually know what to get my wife, she is a woman of simple tastes and isn't much into gifts anyway. Still, there are folks like husbands, boyfriends, brothers, dads and bonusdads that deserve time away from our creations to have a thoughtfully selected gift. This might look like an experience, or a material gift. Some of my favorite things to receive are massages - perhaps contacting your favorite local massage therapist and getting an appointment for the special man in your life would make their heart sing? 

My own bonusdad is a car guy, through and through. I've taken some time to research some ideas, based on simple observations of his busy and often messy and dangerous line of work. Folks like him lose jewerly and wallets, because his job is very physical and major vehicle accidents happen. He's lost his wedding band more than once so now wears the newly popular silicone rings while he works, and thankfully there are always new options available online like meteorite wedding rings for men that my mom can rest easy knowing her favorite gentleman always has a wedding ring to wear when they're out together for date nights. As a side note, date nights are especially important for the health and longevity of your marriage, especially considering how lonely and isolated the world of writing can sometimes be.

Another idea I've ran across for an easy gift idea is new car seat covers. I'm a mom to a 9 year old son and 3 dogs. Our car seats are always taking a beating, whether it's crumbs from eating between after-school program and golf lessons or a day trip, not to mention the normal wear and tear. My own SUV will turn 11 this year and getting new seat covers is something I've been wanting for a while, to freshen him up and I also find new ideas for stories in new things. My wife and I rearrange the furniture in our house every couple of months, and I have a hobby of horsetrading leather bags and used handmade goods.

We also frequently buy used items, as they are less pricey when comparing to new, and it enables us to make frequenty changes in the things we enjoy, and it keeps our life fresh. Brandi Carlile once said that she often finds new songs in old guitars, and I very much agree with that experience. I'm reminded of new and old stories, in the energies of new and old things. Whether it's furniture or a used pair of handmade leather shoes, my imagination takes me to places they might have once been. I find all of these things inspirational, and propelling as I work on the story of my own life. Sights and scents of material goods dust off the old cobwebs of my memories and bring them to life, and for that, I am grateful. 

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