Writer's Preparation for Summer Family Vacation
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019

Now that spring is in full bloom, family vacation and holiday season will soon be here. The kids will be out of school, the weather will be warm, and the pool and beach days will be plentiful. This sounds idyllic if you're anything like me, and been inside for too many months, writing and working away. We all need a sea breeze on our faces and sand in our toes.

While our hands might get decent workouts, writing is not the most physically demanding profession. In other words, I don't love the excess weight I've put on around my mid-section. So why don't we make some changes? Looking and feeling your best in time for your upcoming family vacation can result in a variety of benefits. While you’ll undoubtedly be focused on the ways in which diet and exercise can improve your body for this summer, these changes can also play a role in keeping current and future healthcare costs at a minimum.

Some may have two or three P's to consider caring for while you're away (pets and plants). The third P (parents) for many is to consider leaving your senior parents or grandparents with an assisted nursing facility, means finding a resource that offers predictive healthcare like GreatCall. This type of healthcare technology that senior living homes offer also results in reducing healthcare costs for these types of facilities.

If you've got your parents, plants and pets squared away, let's get back to the previous topic: one of the main keys to reducing extra weight is setting goals. Whether you’re getting ready for a trip or just want to release some weight, setting SMART goals can help keep you on track and help you celebrate the small victories along the way. In addition to setting goals, you'll also want to find the right approach for you. Some people prefer weight loss programs that include prepared foods as they're comprehensive and easy to follow plan, while others have better luck doing their own thing. The important thing is to be patient and open-minded when trying out different paths to bettering your health. Remember, like most stories we evolve as we explore characters and plots, it's a journey, not a destination.

As I'm maturing, I'm realizing that looking and feeling your best goes much deeper than diet and exercise. While both are essential for healthy living, they work in conjunction with several other factors. These additional components of looking and feeling your best include healthy sleep, drinking plenty of water, addressing mental health issues, and having a medical exam twice a year.

There are many reasons why we as parents want to look and feel our best in time for family vacation. For one, having the stamina, strength and energy to keep up with the kids is a great driving factor. From amusement parks to city zoos, vacation plans are likely to involve lots of walking. Losing weight before the trip can help you keep up and feel good about all the activities and fully enjoy the day.

Lastly, there’s no denying the joy of looking back on a vacation where you looked great. You'll love sharing the photos and looking back on the great memories you created with your family, and be excited for many more to come!

What can you do now to get yourself in better shape as we approach the summer travel season? After writing this, I'll be going for a bike ride with my family to get some cardio and a good sweat in! 

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