The age of coward men
Written by
Neha Kumari
April 2019
Written by
Neha Kumari
April 2019

I have been thinking to pen this down from quite some time, and finally I felt the urge to write it. Not because I got some extra free time and I sat with my notebook and pen to carve it down with my ink, but because I see this happening quite often now.

This is not just the story of one girl or women, but I have heard it and I have seen it happening with a lots of girls around me. So how does this start? Well, just like any other story, two people meet, they hangout with each other, share some feelings and then they get into their comfort zone of living happily with each other or spending some time of their life with together every other day, where they love each other, crease, tease and yes live some moments which they cannot think of  living with any one else. So? This is a happy scenario, what’s wrong in this?

No, I don't say there is anything wrong in this? But can you see what is happening in there? I see a girl loving her partner with all she has got and devotes herself in his love, and the boy, oh trust me he is just there because he gets what he wants in that moment. Doesn't sound true? Well, just look around you and ask your girlfriends around you, even if you know them or you don't know just ask them, if this is their story or not? I believe it surely is.

And now what happens next? As the girl deeply falls in love of the boy, she thinks that those beautiful moments means the same to him as to her. But does it? No. But how will she know? When she asks him, the reply always comes like - "I don't like to give it a name, but you are very special to me." . And there it goes. She again thinks that being something special to him is probably the biggest place he could give to any girl and she is the one. And that is where she is wrong. She is the one in this particular moment and there are a lot other girls like her who are the one in several other moments of the same day for him, which she is unaware of. As time passes she somehow understands that something is wrong, and she is being played. And then she asks the boy for commitment. And the word commitment, I don't think the men of this age understand this term.

He tries to run away as fast as possible from the girl, and she tries to get a hold of him to understand, if she was the special one then what is the problem in commitment? She kept on asking him were those moments were false and lie in his sense or did he ever feel anything for her. She kept on questioning his rights to touch her if he never felt for her and never had intention of ending up together with her. Did he give any answer, was he able to explain why? NO.  

Oh my fellow sister, he will never be able to explain you why. Because the problem is that he is coward. He is coward enough to not admit that he is coward. He is and he was coward since a long time, when he slept on the same bed and in the same blanket with someone else in night, in which you woke up with him the same morning. And he didn't tell you all of this, because obviously he didn't want to miss the fun. Heh! What a shame.

Here you can see a boy running away from the responsibility of what he has done till now, and leaving it to that single person who is now incharge of her condition and sorrow, of which she is not the reason.  The question which I want to ask him is why, why did he turned his back on his responsibilities. Why did he not tell her the truth at the first place. Why did he thought that it was just for fun. And above all, why it was a cakewalk for him while he left her crying in her room for the mistakes she didn't make?

Is it because, she was not good enough for him? Is it because he is coward and always will be, or is it because he thinks he will get some else to play with as easily as he got to play with her? Because we, women of this age has made it so easy for men to reach out to us and take advantage of us in  manipulative way on the name of our choices. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am also looking for the answer of same question. 

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