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  • "The Call" : A Poem Just in Time for Mothers' Day
"The Call" : A Poem Just in Time for Mothers' Day



Looking for monsters under the bed

then, leaving the lights on.


Kissing a scraped knee.

Sewing Teddy back together.


Always there to wipe the tears and

hug-away a broken heart,

all the while, teaching us

to dust ourselves off and get back up,

ever strengthening our resolve.


Waving goodbye

but always saving a place at the table.


Modeling impeccable values.

Loving unconditionally, relentlessly;

her children above all else.

Forever. No matter what.


Hoping and praying that she did it right;

that her daughter will, too – someday.


Sacrificing herself, everything

that her son may grow to be a man worthy

of a woman who answered the call

to be a mother.


To the incredible women who answered the call, no matter how life presented it, Happy Mother’s Day. We are who we are because of you.


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