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This blog was featured on 04/22/2019
16 Writing Organizations for Diverse Authors
Written by
She Writes
April 2019
Written by
She Writes
April 2019

In the world of publishing, it’s clear that more diverse authors and voices are needed. No matter if you’re a new writer or a well-practiced and published author, joining a writing organization can give you connections and support you won't be able to find anywhere else.

In alignment with these incredible organizations, She Writes Press and SparkPress are bringing more diverse voices to the forefront with their STEP Scholarship and are now accepting submissions to give away two publishing scholarships in the coming year.

African Americans on the Move Book Club

The African Americans on the Move Book Club focuses on making interactive literary-based programs that focus on African American books and the people who write them. Their annual events bridge the gap between black literary creatives and ways for them to advance their careers. They focus on new voices and pairing them with creatives who work in film, television and publishing.

Cave Canem: A Home for Black Poetry

Cave Canem was founded in the late 90s to help with the under-representation of black poets in the literary world. Their mission is to help grow the artistic and professional growth of black poets.

Asian American Writers’ Workshop

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop is fully dedicated to Asian American stories and making sure they are told. With New York events and online editorial initiatives, they are committed to strengthening the Asian American community in New York and making voices heard.


Kundiman, a national nonprofit organization, is committed to fostering both readers and writers, bringing them important works by Asian American authors. They are focused on making a bright future for Asian American literature through means of exploration and art.

New Asian Writing

New Asian Writing is a literary community who specialized in publishing both fiction and nonfiction books that have an Asian theme.

Asian Author Alliance

Asian Author Alliance is a group that celebrates Asian Kidlit and the diversity of stories that originate from the Asian continent. We boost and support books by and for us!

Latinx Poetry

Latinx Poetry is a national organization who aims to grow a community of latinx poets through the use of workshops, symposia and public readings. Each year they select 10-12 new fellows who are given the opportunity to return to their annual writing retreat in the hopes of bringing about support and collaboration within the community.

Latinx in Publishing

Latinx in Publishing is a network of book professionals who are working to increase the number of Latino/a/x in the world of publishing. With focuses on community, professional development and outreach/advocacy, they strive to promote literature by, for and about Latino/a/x people.

Latinos in Kid Lit

Latinos in Kid Lit provides a forum for Latinx children’s, middle-grade and YA books. Along with this they promote literacy, a love for books and encourage interest in Latinx literature to non-Latin readers. In addition, they conduct book reviews, author interviews, teaching ideas and articles for those involved in literary and publishing work.

People of Color in Publishing

People of Color in Publishing has one mission: diversify the book publishing industry. Instead of focusing their efforts on writers of color, they aim to open up opportunities for those who work within the industry. With career development techniques, they aim to empower women of color to take their rightful place in the publishing industry.

We Need Diverse Books

We Need Diverse Books is another non-profit organization who highlights readers who love children’s books. They advocate for changes in the publishing industry by including more diverse titles because they believe in promoting and producing literature that reflects the lives of young people everywhere.

Minorities in Publishing

This podcast discusses the lack of diversity in the book publishing industry with authors and other working in the literary space. This intelligent podcast is an important listen for anyone striving to make a change in the publishing industry.

Black Writers

While Black Writers is the most active on Twitter, they deliver amazing resources for writers. With a freelance editors’ directory, webinars, podcasts and more, Black Writes is committed to bringing writing opportunities and education to diverse writers in the space.

OOSA Online Bookclub

OOSA Online Bookclub is another account who conducts a lot of their business through social media. This online book club focuses on sharing and reviewing books by African American authors.


This active Twitter account's sole mission is to promote new book releases from black authors. From popular authors like Jasmine Guillory and Eric Jerome Dickey to indie authors, this social account covers it all.  

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