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April 2019
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April 2019


If you have ever lost everything you own,

your possessions, your pets, your pride,

your soul, your life, your sense of time.

If so, then maybe you can understand the pain I'm in,

rebuilding requires time.

Memories are of what was, and what will never be.

If you have lived and felt the grief

when someone takes everything from you,

leaving only your heart and soul to steal

you know the process the fall brings,

leaves change to brilliant colors, then die.

You become frozen in time.

When you begin to open

like the trees budding

after the winter's snowfall,

you begin to feel the warmth,

from the sunshine in the sky, you blossom.

With tears in your eyes

you've been frozen in time,

you remember things,

which were your entire life.

Things like the gold rings you wore,

that forever encircled you in love,


Somewhere down your journey,  you realize

it wasn't the things you lost

which you miss the most,

rather it is the gold rings that encircled you in love

and gave you a sense of time.

March 1999


It's imperative that I establish an emergency circle of friends whom I can turn to in moments of my own emotional fraud.


all of my dreams have come true without you...


had I come to you,

I think now about what you’d do.

Leave me stranded,

and demanded

I stay away

then watch you turn to run away.


Do you remember the first thing that was stolen from you? 
The first person close to you, who died?
Your first pet who crossed the Rainbow Bridge?
Do you remember the first thing you bought?
the first person you fell in love with?
the pet who saved you from yourself??
We all walk a path
we all have our personal journeys
yet we all experience the same.


Time just passes and then disappears, weeks turn into months,

the months into turn years. Wasted time is all I know,

in looking back I can not show the life I wanted but couldn't have.


Because I never really had you I didn't think this could hurt so much.

My heart only fought for what it wanted, now I fight to let go of the dream.

Don't doubt my love for you, now or ever.

I love you enough to see you happy,

even though that means I'm not part of that happiness.

You'll never understand why I hurt so much,

because you're not the one who's crying,

you're not the one left behind,

not the one who loved so much,

and you're not the one holding on

after you said you can't love me the way I love you.

You let me slip away because you want to,

I let you slip away because I HAVE to.

Real tears are not those that fall from the eyes and cover the face,

but those that fall from the heart and cover the soul.

If I never grow in love again, that has got to be OK,

because I've had the chance and fell in love with you.

If I'm able to grow after a heartbreak, I will love again.


When I look into your eyes I see a veil,

covering an ocean of tears and fears

that need to fall so you can be set free.

All I can do is stand beside you here

to give you the strength to move forward

to feel your pain entirely so you can soar

through the skies with your wings spread open wide.

Don't lose you in becoming us.

It took her years to build it,

1 day to cross it...

and a heartbeat to burn it...

my heart.


Anything you possess or have possessed you will carry with you forever.

Nothing is ever truly lost. They all become memories.


What kinds of sounds do the Eagles make?

Before she met her Eagles she was a Foreigner to them.

When she found her Eagles,

They taught her how to fly.

Showed her what it was like to soar with them through the skies.

They stayed with her through her broken hearts.

They walked beside her, with her broken spirit.

They've always meant the world to her.

They were mild...

not at all like her

such a wild child.

She'd lost it all

there was no way out she could see.

One day they found her,

they showed her there is a

Best and Beyond.


Grow and Blossom

Sometimes success is making a better move.

Live your dream...

You deserve support that's dedicated as you are.

Your future IS in your hands.

Self Advocacy...

the TRUTH...

Your best recovery starts with YOU!!!


Make a difference in one person's life, one at a time.

Plan to grow~ live in solutions,

You are a Champion of hope.

It is your turn...

Focus, dance your way to recovery,

take charge of your own recovery.


There are endless possibilities...

Live and be loved...

Think BIG...


Change is in the air.


In some way, you've touched my life and I have never forgotten...

I miss you but try to keep up here, I just like to acknowledge your

presence has affected my life and bettered it in some way.

And for that, I want to say,

Thank You...


for every loss I've endured, there are holes in my heart...

Empty places yearning to be filled again.

For every loss I've endured, teardrops fall down my face and fall into my heart,

filling those empty spaces with the transparency of tears.

So I struggle through my life,

knowing those spaces are filled yet transparent to the human eye.

The mind plays tricks on the heart.

My teardrops cannot be seen but my heart is always full.



Discovery of life

Unspoken secrets and Broken promises

Innocence ***robbed***

Discovering love

Suffering past wounds

Losing possessions, pets, and pride

Breaking free

Running, falling, getting back up

Taking a stand


Wow, I saw that coming,
I knew that it would happen...
like an out-of-control locomotive
disaster loomed.
And out of nowhere, it hit me
in a way,  I never thought.
It hit me head on,
I was dazed, actually amazed.
Because it's FINALLY crystal clear,
the life I've been living,
angry, hurt, not forgiving
hurts me more than them. 


Go Beyond...

your wildest dreams...

your deepest pain...

your happiest time...


your limits...

your darkest fear...

your dreams...


the deepest betrayal...

your delusions...

the illusions...

of what life should be.

You are beyond

dictating what life

ought to be.

Live life and Go Beyond

all it has to offer.




Let's be friends

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