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  • Marketing Automation Strategies To Optimize Your Marketing and Sales Funnel
Marketing Automation Strategies To Optimize Your Marketing and Sales Funnel
Written by
Mia Johnson
April 2019
Written by
Mia Johnson
April 2019

Is your marketing funnel leading you down a path to success or a path to nowhere? Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a newbie, there’s a lot to be gained from working out the best optimization patches to your funnel.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a workflow that’s optimized to lead your customers through a series of planned marketing events.

It sounds simple because it is, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t always room for improvement.

We all need more hours to work in the day. Automation is that extra hand that nurtures customers at the best times without us having to physically be there every step of the way. Because it was all well thought out in advance, the marketing funnel basically runs itself. Sounds perfect, right?

Marketing automation isn’t a novel concept. In fact, 76% of the biggest Software as a Service (SaaS) companies today are already using some form of marketing automation tools. It’s not just these marketing automation software companies that have a lot to gain in the market.

Every business in every industry can learn to use marketing automation to the advantage of the organization. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to optimize your entire funnel so that it runs successfully on its own.

1. Build Evergreen Lead Magnets

If you’re struggling to see any success in your automation strategies, your lead magnet might be to blame. A lead magnet is anything you use to encourage people to sign up for your email list. It can be a downloadable, an online course, a video, a webinar, or anything else your users would be interested in.

Your lead magnet needs to be evergreen. This simply means it’s always relevant. It’s not seasonal or specific to a certain time of year. It’s something your audience always would be interested in, and this will likely result in more sign-ups. Because these are evergreen, you can drive traffic to these campaigns year-round without ever needing to refresh.

2. Create Multiple Automated Series

Many businesses are excited when they start their email automation journey. They quickly set up a single campaign, launch, and expect to see the success stream in. It quickly becomes clear that it takes a bit more effort to make your automated campaign a raging success. The easiest way to do this is by venturing away from the single series mentality.

You have customers with many different interests. If you’re a marketing agency, for instance, perhaps some customers are interested in web design tips while others want to learn more about blogging effectively. You wouldn’t lump these folks into the same sales funnel, would you?

The stats tell it all. According to Campaign Monitor, marketers see a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. Taking the time to develop different automated email campaigns for different users will pay off in the long run, and you’ll have more raving fans.

Let’s return to the marketing agency example. If they created a single downloadable guide to marketing your small business, that might be moderately successful. But, with a targeted, segmented campaign, they could do so much better. Instead of a single guide, they offer a webinar about how to build a website for small businesses. This attracts one type of potential client.

At the same time, they offer a downloadable guide to starting your own blog post campaign for potential clients who want to begin content marketing. Already with this strategy, they have a chance to connect on a much deeper level with their audience. These leads are in a much better place to be nurtured successfully throughout the funnel. Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel limited to only one series. In fact, the more the merrier.

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3. Understand What Makes an Effective Series

Now that you know why you need more than one series, let’s talk about the best way to effectively create a marketing automation email series.

It’s not enough to simply email your lead magnet link and leave your audience hanging. These are warm leads. Your prospects are interested. They’re engaging with your content. Your business is fresh in their minds.

The longer you wait to follow up, the more momentum you lose. If you wait too long or don’t format your series correctly, you’re bound to lose all of their interest.

Today, 92% of online adults are actively using marketing automation email strategies. How you time your series as well as how you structure it will have an impact on whether those emails get opened in the first place.

Series Structure:

  1. Lead Magnet - This is the email you send immediately after signup. You’re following through on your promise here by delivering your lead magnet promptly. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and your business.

  2. Welcome - If you didn’t do a full welcome in the lead magnet email, feel free to do so here. This email should be sent a day or more after the first email to not lose that valuable momentum. Here, you’re addressing the ways in which you solve the problems of your potential customers. For instance, using that marketing agency example, you might help small businesses master online marketing.

  3. Intro Offer - Your audience knows who you are now, and that momentum is still building. Now’s the time to share customer stories, social proof, as well as other content you offer. You’re building credibility, and you might include a soft sale offer if you’re feeling confident. Send this email two days after the last one.

  4. Complete Offer - Now’s the time to pitch your products or services. Keep it limited to a single target action. Don’t list everything you offer, list the thing that would appeal the most to this segmented list. If possible, offer a discount or offer to seal the deal. Once again, distance this email by a day or more.

  5. Final Chance - Last but not least, follow up one more time with a reminder that this is the last chance to snag that discount.

Email Automation Success

There’s a reason so many companies are using email automation to optimize their business. Once you master these techniques above, you’ll no longer have to worry about your sales funnel not functioning perfectly the first time around. While you’re unlikely to convert every email signup, you can count on building a relationship that lasts.

You want to use the best leads possible for your business. That’s why targeted, segmented lists are key. Use guide by Parserr for help merging your lists together from your segmenting. The more you know about your prospective customers, the better you’re able to tailor your website and email campaigns to their needs.

If you haven’t found success with email automation in the past, give it another try. It’s powerful because it works, but it also takes the right skills to make sure everything is automated correctly the first time. These tips above will put you on a clear path to success.

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