A Work in Progress

Nothing went according to plan last week. Well, maybe that's not a fair assessment. Some things went according to plan. For example, I cooked the following meals:


1. Slow Cooker Chicken and Potatoes

2. Chicken and Artichoke Casserole


1. Vegetarian Ceaser Salad (with roasted chickpeas instead of chicken!) with lettuce harvested from my garden


In the grand scheme of things, for the first week of my cooking efforts, this doesn't seem so bad. It didn't feel like a sucess though, given how I had hoped the week would turn out. Here's what went wrong:

- My other half, who was responsible for putting the food away and doing dishes on nights when I cooked, left the slow cooker leftovers out all night. It was an honest mistake, but unfortunately Google assured me it had to be thrown away. So no leftovers.

- I packed lunch for my husband last week. One day he left his lunch at home and had to buy lunch out. The other day, he put his lunchbox in a refrigerator in a room at work where a meeting was being held for multiple hours and could not access it, thus having to buy lunch out again. The other three days, he did eat the lunch I packed for him.

- I mis-read the recipe for the chicken and artichoke casserole and bought actual artichokes instead of canned artichoke hearts. (What on earth do I do with the artichokes I am now stuck with??) We live in Hawaii and there isn't a fully stocked grocery store nearby so the meal had to be delayed from Wednesday to Friday night. Because we did not have any leftovers due to the above-mentioned leaving out of the slow cooker chicken, overall feeling of defeat, and mid-week exhaustion, we got a takeout pizza.

- I did not blog on Sunday. My plan was to write a blog post once per week. But Sunday was Easter, and last week was a challenge. This morning as I was driving I remembered that I forgot to write and so here I am with a hastily-written, un-edited blog post. 

My husband is one of those Star Wars-loving "there is no try" kind of guys. But the thing is, all I can do right now is try. In the midst of our busy lives that this month alone have included unexpected loss, unanticipated house guests, and a nasty course of the flu, I've decided to feed us, and I can see it was naive to assume it would all go perfectly. We are a work in progress. 





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