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  • Making Time for Relaxation, Health and Happiness
Making Time for Relaxation, Health and Happiness
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019
Written by
Beth Derrick
April 2019

Let's face it. Writing is a lonely, strenuous and sometimes frustrating profession. Deadlines, writer's blocks, distractions, interruptions, too many projects, not enough paying projects, on and on and on. It also comes with rollercoasters of emotions and related stresses from life's journey. 

If you're anything like most others trying to do the best thing they can for themselves in their areas of health, relaxation and overall happiness, you have or are planning to try different diets, exercise routines, sleep patterns, daily habits and things like mushroom coffee, matcha tea, nootropics and CBD oil. Below are some strategies to help you with a few of life's challenges, regain focus and clarity on your writing projects, and that book you've had in the back of your mind for so many years. 

Sleep Environment

If you're sleeping environment is in disarray, your life is possibly in the same state. Take a few moments each morning to make your bed. Take the time and energy each week to wash your sheets, dust and vacuum your bedroom. Always keep the floor and surfaces tidied - you know "the chair" has been calling you to free it from the piles of forgotten laundry for months! Put all that away, it'll feel so much happier and lighter when you're done. All in all, you want to make your bedroom a cozy, clean haven that has an optimal sleeping temperature at night of 70 F or below, to get a solid night's rest to give you great energy and focus for the next day.


The 3:00 slump hits most people hard, and it's in that moment we crave everything that's not good for us. For me, a few years ago, it was Butterfingers. Now? I drink another glass of charcoal filtered water and grab some organic nuts, do some stretches and walk around for a few minutes. Instead of having fast food for lunch, I go for a healthy Chipolte bowl or something I prepare myself at home, from whole, natural and organic ingredients. We are what we eat, and to take it another step further, we are what we eat eats. We're a society that craves convenience, yet we are victims to the side effects of that convenience. Microwaved meals and food on the go typically isn't quite as nutritious as fresh organic vegetables and mushroom coffee. In short: if you're eating well, you're living well.

Vitamins, Nootropics and CBD

These are some hot buzzwords right now, you've seen them on social media, right? Most states are in process of, or already have legalized hemp and marijuana. Nootropics like Qualia by Neurohacker Collective and other companies doing tremendous research around our overall health and biohacking are becoming the next hot thing in the world of people on the edge of living longer, healthier, happier lives. In recent months, CBD has been a hot topic amongst the older generations, as they are desperate to find solutions to help them sleep better and have reduced anxiety. CBD Vape Pens could be a reasonable habit to pickup, if you're seeking a solution yourself, to relax and enjoy the natural benefits of CBD. The CBD offerings out now are plentiful, and you can find oil for relaxation, focus, clarity and other characteristics. 

High quality vitamins are also trending in the marketplace now, with hip new companies like Ritual and others with eye catching marketing campaigns. Possibilities to improve our lives in every way are endless. And since you're reading this article, we have the world of information at our fingertips to enable our happiness, health, wealth and sense of purpose. What do you do for yourself, either during writing breaks, or outside of your working periods of time, to further your happiness, health, wealth and wellness?

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