How To Build Your Backyard Sanctuary
Written by
Mia Johnson
30 days ago
Written by
Mia Johnson
30 days ago

Maybe you have been toying with the idea of how to make your backyard truly enjoyable. People living in apartments certainly know that spending time outdoors is relaxing in its own right. However, why not take it to another level?

If you're up for some improvements and changes, here's what you can do create a stunning backyard sanctuary.

1. Install a water feature

The sound of water running and the very look of it eases your mind. If possible, install an in-ground pool with any element you like. You can even raise it on a higher level to make it look like a special structure in the backyard.

Of course, you can opt for smaller water features, such as a lily pond or a fountain, or go the other way - installing a spa or a hot tub to turn it into a paradise.

2. Earthy, comfortable furniture

Furniture tells a story about the ambiance you want to be in when going outside. There are so many beautiful designs that fit into the backyard perfectly with their natural elements. A coffee table can be made out of rocks or simply sticking to wooden furnishings is all you need to make the furniture a natural part of your sanctuary.

3. Attractive patio

Patios come in many sizes and styles, fitting into any design. They can be built simply of concrete or include texture surface and color to be reminiscent of stones. The style of the patio will also depend on whether you want it to be an extension of your home or a separated area in the backyard with its own specific charm. You could plant containers and flower beds around it so that vegetation is never too far away from the patio. It's also practical to add some shade cloth structures to protect yourself from direct sun and provide more privacy.

4. Use outdoor lighting for ambiance

In the evening, you'll sometimes need more than the moonlight and the stars. Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight specific areas and to add some magic to it. Spotlights are excellent for drawing attention to beautiful trees or grouped flower beds. Floodlights can be used for illuminating larger, wider areas in the yard. Whenever you can, opt for solar-powered lighting, as it's simple to install and there's no need for wiring. You can use those light to lighten up the pathways or frame the patio.

5. Think about a fireplace or a fire pit

Watching a fire keep you warm at night but also incredibly relaxed. It's the highlight or a romantic evening, too. A fireplace or a fire pit will allow you to enjoy outdoors even if the weather conditions are not so perfect. You can also use it to cook outdoors (as long as it's something simple).

Some fireplaces can be installed with a chimney added to the patio. You just need to make sure that you're not breaking any local rules.

6. Play with all your senses

Your sense of smell can do wonders for your inner peace. By planting lavender, eucalyptus, basil and lemongrass, you will make sure the air around you is full of beautiful fragrances. What's more, they will also add colors to the yard. More precisely, flowers and plants can be used to create various color textures. Use them as your paint - create shapes and levels that differ among themselves in color and height. If you think that playing with a lot of colors would be too much for your level of ability, then hire a professional to create stunning images by using plants.

All in all

A backyard sanctuary is a result of a creative process and hard work. All your effort will be worth the trouble once you step into your personal piece of paradise. Just don't rush the process.

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