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  • 8 Women Entrepreneurs who Changed the Stereotype
8 Women Entrepreneurs who Changed the Stereotype
Written by
Tanya Sharma
April 2019
Written by
Tanya Sharma
April 2019

Entrepreneurship in India has always been considered as a thing of great intellect.

And most of all, Women are considered to be someone who are always subjected to questioning and possessing less skills.

These days there are a lot of women in business but do all of them succeed?

Well, that’s a big question!

Here’s a list of women entrepreneurs who went beyond everyone’s thinking excelled in their domains.

Vandana Luthra – VLCC

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She founded VLCC as a beauty and slimming centre in 1989 and today, it is one of the leading companies for beauty products and wellness services.

It operates in different parts of Asia and has also launched several products under various brand names such as VLCC Natural Sciences, VLCC Shape Up, VLCC WellScience etc.

The company has a team of medical doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and cosmetologists who provide expert advice to the clients and help them counter their beauty and health problems.

As an individual, she aims to empower more women and therefore, her company is engaged in various social causes which focus on empowering socially disadvantaged group of the society.

Richa Kar – Zivame

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A vision for a place where all women can shop for something that’s very close and special to them i.e. intimate wear. She thought of solving this problem with a platform where you will find every possible style and size according to your needs.

The idea of breaking norms didn’t interrupt her zeal of doing something different and helping other women have confidence in the choices they make.

With the comfort of your home, you can select from a variety of lingerie options and sizes that are not limited by age or body type. In the year 2018, the company had the net worth of approx. Rs. 100 Crore.

Zivame is an e-commerce website for intimate wear needs of all the women and now has explored several other branches and categories.

Falguni Nayar – Nykaa

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The company is all about celebrating women and the star within. Falguni, owner of Nykaa, is also a managing director of Kotak Mahindra Capital Company and is recognized from several awards.

She believes that ‘retail is all about detail’ which made her expand the business to four offices in India. Nykaa has emerged as one of the biggest e-commerce website for all sorts of cosmetic and beauty product needs.

The site includes products from local to international market and has completely changed the face of beauty.  Today, the net worth of the company is more than Rs. 570 Crore.

Cheers to all the beauty lovers.

Rashmi Daga – Fresh Menu

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Food has got a new definition now!

With Fresh Menu, Rashmi Daga has been successful in delivering food made in cloud kitchens by their expert chefs. She had a concept in mind that the food must reach fresh and customers should not wait too long for the food.

Following this, the deliveries are done within 45 minutes by their own in-house team. The bonus point is there menu changes on a daily basis. Fresh Menu has become one of the famous online destinations for all the food lovers.

Estimates are approximately 12,000 orders are delivered successfully per day.

Revathi Roy – Hey Deedee

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Hey Deedee is a way to empower more women in India through an instant parcel delivery system that too just by women.

Yes, you got it right.

Revathi Roy made it true and for real. You just need to book the order online, make payment for it and that’s it. One of their specially trained female delivery executive will deliver your parcel within proper time.

The online site can also be used for the delivery of food, cakes, groceries, gifts, medicines, parcels and other basic necessities.

Hey Deedee is the first ever all women instant delivery service in Mumbai where all the women are trained specially by Zaffiro Learning Pvt. Ltd. to add skills and expertise to their personalities.

Shubhra Chadda – Chumbak

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Founded in 2010, Chumbak has become synonymous to style and creativity. Today, the company is a Design Led Lifestyle Brand.

The main philosophy of the brand is to make everyone happy which is why they could bring such distinct designs.

The bright and colourful collection not only attracts customers to buy them but also a quirky element to its design is just irresistible for many.

Shubhra Chadda has been successful in expanding her business in several parts of the country and also online store. She chose to do something different and with a great vision and design in mind she could achieve big.

Sairee Chahal – Sheroes

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Sheroes is an online women community which caters to their different needs and offer necessary support, resources, professional interactions and equal opportunities.

It is a safe and authentic place where women can discuss their issues, achievements, career, relationships, health and other topics.

The site also has exclusive helpline to talk to the expert counsellors who help provide guidance and support in case of any uncertain situation.

Through Sheroes, Sairee Chahal aims to reach out to 100 million women and contribute in the betterment of the society. She is known to nurture safe online communications for women without compromising on any personal information of the community members.

Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar – Faballey

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Tanvi and Shivani believe in bringing confidence to all women around the world and provide them with the best of style and design without the need of going out.

Together known as the #AlleyGals, they are diverse, inclusive and completely reliable for the quality that their company delivers.

The collection at FabAlley, is inspired by the global trends and celeb style. Both them wish to empower more and more women from all parts of the country by bringing them great collection of outfits to boost their confidence.

All the products are designed by in-house expert designers so that everyone finds something for themselves. 

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