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This blog was featured on 05/02/2019
How I Improved My Writing in Less Than A Year
Written by
Anne Balad
April 2019
Written by
Anne Balad
April 2019

Some people argue that writing is a skill you either have or you don’t. Before I started writing often, I would agree it is a skill you acquire in adolescence and not adulthood but now, I can say it is a learned skill and a process.

I am not a great writer but I wanted to write often and write well. Back in college, I would often tell myself I wanted to be a freelance writer, start a blog, and write pieces people would enjoy reading. For some reason, I would always put it off. I would tell myself I wasn’t ready, I don’t have a good topic to write about, or I will publish an article for the public when I finally become a good writer.

It was only recently I was able to achieve my writing goals. I started to become a better writer when I told myself that no matter how bad I think I was, I will just sit down and start to write. I am able to finish an article and write down a blog post all because I set a time for writing every day and committed myself to the process even if I didn’t feel like I was a good writer.

Even now, I admit my writing skill is not amazing but it is a far cry from what it used to be. What improved my writing skill is a combination of different principles which I have applied to myself. Here are some of them.

Stop aiming for perfection

Most people often put off whatever they want to write because they are waiting for a perfect moment. The perfect time to write; the perfect writing style; the perfect platform; the perfect writing mindset; the perfect topic; the perfect outline.

Well, you will never improve or have an outcome if you are waiting to be perfect at something. Striving for perfection is why procrastination happens.

Your writing does not have to be perfect. It just needs to get finished.

Write everyday

Commit yourself to writing everyday. Daily writing is a good way to constantly improve and practice your writing skill.

Don’t be hard on yourself. What you will write does not have to be a chapter of a novel or a minimum of 1,000 words.

If you had never written anything other than for your school work, you can start with writing a paragraph a day at the very least and make progress from there. When I started writing, I committed myself to write at least a paragraph then I started increasing the word count as the weeks go by.

Writing about topics which appeal to you most also gets you in the mood to start writing with fervor. So write about topics you like. If you can’t think of any specific topic, write about things which happened during the day.

Read. And read a lot.

Being a reader helps you a lot in being a writer. Read articles online, read newspapers, read novels, read blogs, read about anything that interests you.

Reading exposes you to different kinds of styles and forms of writing. You will discover various literary genres, pick up a wide range of vocabulary, will help you find your linguistic and tonal style.

Start a website or a blog

A website or a blog is a great way to practice your writing skills. They are your personal spaces online where you can write about anything.

Create a free website and add a blog. There is no pressure from external forces about your output. It’s okay if you don’t write well for now. It’s okay if you write about any topic. It’s okay to make mistakes. Ask for feedback about your writing and reflect on what can be improved.

Unlike a journal, having an online space allows the public to read your works. If praised, you will be more confident about publishing your content. If criticised, you can take it constructively and improve your next piece.

When I started my website. I started writing articles and daily musings on the site anonymously. Because there was no pressure for me to pitch articles, adhere to perfect grammar, and immediately have a great writing style, I was able to practice and improve my writing skill.


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