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April 2019
Written by
April 2019

That call you refused to take
could've been the last call she made.
That meeting when you stood up and walked away
after she sat down next to you...
That text you answered and acted like
you didn't even know her.
Those times you shunned people in and out of the rooms
may have been the last meeting she attended
the last time she was willing to reach out.
That time you shunned a "newcomer", the "most important person in the room"...
and ignored her desperate plea for help...
we never saw her come back. When you shunned someone in a meeting, you neglected to offer someone a hand up, instead, you walked away, kickin' 'em while they're down.
That call...
That meeting...
That text...
Those times...
That time...
when you shunned ME, kicked me when I was down, and that was the last time you'll ever see me around.

Somewhere on your journey, you might find
you're all for one, yourself.
No matter what you begin to put yourself first
and in placing your needs first
we open ourselves to others
And once we begin to do that
unafraid, and w/o prejudice 
it is truly only then we have so much to offer others.

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