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This blog was featured on 04/29/2019
Instagram Writing Challenges to Grow Your Community
Written by
She Writes
April 2019
Written by
She Writes
April 2019

Writing can be a solitary vocation. Long hours spent with your keyboard can make it tough to meet other people in your profession. Instagram, on the other hand, is a place where strangers can come together and find a community. If you aren't combining your love of writing with the awesome power of social media, you're missing an opportunity to turn your business of one into a crowd of supportive friends and fans. 

If you're not sure what to post on Instagram, then writing challenges can also serve as an opportunity to get your feed to better represent your work. 

Whether you join an ongoing challenge or just use them as inspiration for what to post and a place to search for writing friends to follow, these community-building opportunities are worth your time. 


Like with everything the folks at National Novel Writing Month do, this community challenge gets writers engaging with other writers. As one (if not the number one) community for fiction authors, anything NaNoWriMo does is worth jumping on board with.


If you're looking to specifically connect with other female fiction writers, the recent #WomenWritingFiction challenge encouraged talented writers all over to share about their works in progress (WIP), main characters (MC) and the world they write in. 


The beauty of these writing challenges is that you can find a community that is super specific to you! So if you are a writer, and a woman, and a mom, maybe the #MeetWriterMoms challenge would be a perfect place to find fellow writers in the same phase of life as you.

#JanuaryFalls19 Poetry Challenge

There are also great challenges out there that focus more on the genre. Oftentimes it takes engaging in that particular community to find, but once you do the connections you make can be truly meaningful. 

#WhySheWrites Challenge

If you've never particpated in these sort of challenges and aren't sure where to start, you can start with us! The #WhySheWrites Challenge is starting in May to celebrate the launch of the new @SheWritesdotcom Instagram account

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram Writing Challenges

Though these challenges can be fun to watch, they are so much better when you join in on the fun! Here are a few ways to maximize your time spent participating in these challenges:

  1. Plan your posts. Almost every challenge has a daily theme. When you pick your challenge, start planning shots and captions so that your feed looks awesome as it follows the daily prompt.
  2. Follow the hashtag. Whatever the main hashtag is, search it in Instagram and hit "Follow" so that you can see others posting. 


  3. Follow other participants. The people who are participating in the challenge are the kind of connections you want to make. 
  4. Engage and comment. When others post to the challenge, engage with their posts. This is the start of a beautiful, writerly friendship!
  5. Always use the challenge hashtag. Make sure you are visible to other challenge participants by also using the hashtag associated with the challenge. 

We hope you join our May challenge and get inspired to start your own. Share others you have participated in in the comments!

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