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  • Travel Destinations to Help You Achieve Mindfulness
Travel Destinations to Help You Achieve Mindfulness
Written by
Mia Johnson
April 2019
Written by
Mia Johnson
April 2019

Traveling to new places and experiencing them are two completely different things. A lot of people find themselves in different environments and they don't appreciate them as much as they should. Others will come back from a journey and reflect on how it has changed them for the better. Some places inspire change better than others. Visiting them can have an enormous impact on the way you live your life. Here are some examples of destinations that will influence how you think.


What better place to start your journey towards a more open mind than India? It’s home to the cradles of free thought and meditation. India is home to the most diverse flora and fauna you will find anywhere in the world. Its ancient religious and spiritual sites are unmatched in their greatness. Pilgrims and tourists find themselves awestruck when they encounter these spiritual sites.

At the foothill of the great mountain range of the Himalayas, you will find Rishikesh. Known as the birthplace of transcendental meditation, Rishikesh is filled with a calming atmosphere and some interesting customs. Meat and alcohol are rare occurrences in this city, even though they aren’t strictly prohibited. The locals believe in cleansing themselves both spiritually and physically. Visiting this place would allow you to stay healthy and calm. Most of the city only serves vegetarian food, so keep that in mind if you have a particular preference.

It’s also famous for being the yoga capital of the world. If you are inclined to practice this ancient art of physical meditation, you are free to do so in the many yoga communities in Rishikesh.

Mount Sinai

This powerful location brings together people of many different faiths. The three main Abrahamic religions consider this place to be a holy site. It has been the site of a lot of war and conflict in the past century. Nowadays, it’s a peaceful retreat for those seeking spiritual and religious enlightenment.

Thousands of pilgrims visit this holy site every year. At its base, you will find the Monastery of Saint Catherine. It's one of the oldest Orthodox Christian monasteries in the world. It dates back to the sixth century, which means it even predates the official schism between eastern and western Christianity. Pilgrims start their journey here before heading towards the summit. Seeing the sun go up in the morning from the top of Mount Sinai is an experience that could change anyone. Travelling up the mountain is as much of a spiritual journey as it is a physical one.

The natural beauty of its landscapes is another factor that makes Mount Sinai worth visiting. It will leave you feeling humble and short for words.

Costa Rica

In this wonderful central American country, you will find unbridled nature like nowhere else. There is a huge amount of variation in its ecosystems. You have rainforests that are located next to active and dormant volcanoes. The tectonic activity leads to a huge flow of warm water under the earth, which is why there are so many hot springs. Let’s not forget the coastal beauty that can be found in Costa Rica. Its beaches are long and the waters are as clear as the spring water.

It's considered a crucial spot for many eco-tourists because it strives to be environmentally friendly in all its aspects. Even the hotels are eco-friendly and they aim for full sustainability.

Locals are known as some of the happiest people on earth and they are quick to welcome visitors. The local cuisine is famed for its interesting spices and herbs. If you wish to let your mind wander in nature, Costa Rica has enough of it to spare.


Many Indonesian islands are bastions of nature and spiritual landmarks. It’s a country full of natural variety and interesting sights. Bali is one of them. This beautiful island isn’t very large, but it’s jam-packed with history and natural landmarks. The iconic volcanic mountains tower over the famous rice paddies of the island.

There’s no shortage of gorgeous beaches in Bali. They stretch for many miles, which means you would never lack privacy if you wanted it. The best beaches are found in Kuta, a resort are on the southern shore of Bali. The many Bali villas in Kuta are famous for being located right next to some of the most wonderful beaches in Indonesia.

Isolation on far-away beaches sounds good in theory, but you might also want to absorb the local culture and cuisine. Kuta has a very vibrant atmosphere and it acts as a hub for travelers from around the world. You can interact with people of varied cultures here and learn a lot more about them and yourself.


At the end of your journey, you should take a trip to the Caribbean island of Tobago. It’s home to one of the world’s oldest rainforests and it has its fair share of biodiversity. If you like enjoying sandy beaches, Tobago has more than enough of them to go around. Marine life is rich here and you can enjoy diving through the clean waters and seeing it for yourself.

There aren't all that many tourists on the island, so you can enjoy your trip through nature uninterrupted. A solo endeavor through nature is wonderful for creativity. If you do decide to take a break from enjoying nature alone, you should definitely try sampling some of the famous local dishes, including the eponymous Tobago dish.

The variety in bird species hasn’t gone unnoticed by visitors. It has become a legendary birdwatching location and you can run into hundreds of different species during your trip.


A mindful traveler can cherish a trip to any corner of the earth. That doesn't mean that they can't enjoy visiting places that are particularly special. If you're looking for a location that will change how you experience traveling, these places are the greatest examples. They will allow you to elevate the traveling experience to a whole new spiritual level. As long as you only observe nature and not harm it, you can be sure that your visit will be fulfilling.

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