.trip advisor.

said the risotto was as wallpaper paste

a punishment

a sad substance.


she asked what flavour, i said  wet grey.


toast was a trial so i had none.


eggs were ok with no mushrooms available with

an offer of haggis for one who would not eat meat.


vegetarian sausage to be requested the day before,

next day were still stored in the kitchen below,

half an hour waiting time

and the plates hid under the counter.


my incomprehension soared when told there

was no salad dressing made,

no visit to the co-op only a few doors down.


lettuce, tomato, cucumber with random onion bits

rudely chopped.


the gala diner was rejected for healthy snacks from the village

with hummus and other tasty stuff.


i was missed

yet found company on trip advisor.


i had washed my hair then noted the hairdriers were held to ransom down stairs

for ten pound



while bigger than some


noted as small mainly ,the towels did not cover,


little frayed things

i wrote of them before.


blessings came when the window opened wide

to the sky outside, we slept upside down.


happy holiday even so.


trip advisor.


the other issue is sent direct.

it had to be said.





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