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February 2020
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February 2020

Finally, a woman trump supporter explains why she defends that Damn Jackass Trump (or just dJt)


This is a chat I’ve been having the past couple of days with some crazy bitch who supports the PptapeRESIDENT in the White-house. Her name’s Debbie Rybski. This is the first woman I’ve asked “how can a woman support trump? She’s the 1st one to actually respond to the question.

ME TALKING TO HER... It's not happening at our southern border.
The "CRISIS" that does exist is the crisis building up within the borders of America today.
Look at the trump PUNKS FROM Covington Catholic School. Look at who SUPPORTS them!! Of course, it's the M-Fer who some people call ---cough, cough, vomit... "president". THESE boys are the reason I have concerns for girls, for their personal safety, their risk for becoming a victim of sexual assault, and then the long, tedious, painful process that follows an assault and someday walking out on the other side, scarred forever. Changed forever.
Look at KavaNAUGHT!! A perfect example of how things haven't changed over the decades.
"Boys will be boys" an excuse used forever.
Women and girls aren't safe in America today. I know I don't feel safe. Not like I have in the past personally being a victim and then the survivor of sexual assault at the age of 15.
I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW WOMEN SUPPORT theRUMP. It boggles my mind. A man who has publically bragged about sexual assault, a man who has NO respect for women. A man who finds it acceptable to grab women by their pussies, he just kisses them, he doesn't ask, he just does it. he Speaks foully of women, especially strong, powerful women.
It's all about theRUMP demanding that he has control over women and treats them as such. Women, who wear T-shirts bragging about how trump can grab their pussy any time he wants, screaming at the top of their lungs, and just ACCEPTING the worst of the worst in America today d-j-t (That Damn Jackass TheRUMP) WTF does that say about these women?
I'm thinking no self-esteem, no self-confidence, no integrity, and sheer ignorance. What kind of women finds these "qualities" in a man acceptable? Healthy? What kind of woman would want a man like that for their daughter, her cousins, her nieces, her granddaughters?
What kind of woman finds it acceptable? I just can't wrap my brain around it. What if one of these women who support theRUMP has a daughter who came home one day and told her she had been raped? What would she tell her daughter? "Oh, honey that's OK because of trump LOT'S of boys think it's OK." OR Would she ask her "what were you wearing?'' OR just completely dismiss her daughter's experience?
Maybe these women have never experienced sexual assault... Lucky them, if that's the case. Look at the stats, numbers are alarming, so it's perfectly acceptable for me to take a stand and denounce EVERYTHING djt has spewed about the topic of sexual assault.
What kind of woman finds it acceptable? I just can't wrap my brain around it. What if one of these women who support theRUMP has a daughter who came home one day and told her she had been raped? What would she tell her daughter? "Oh, honey that's OK because of trump LOT'S of boys think it's OK." OR Would she ask her "what were you wearing?'' OR just completely dismiss her daughter's experience?

This is Debbie Rybski ‘s reply... This is how/why she supports such TRASH. In her own words, this is really nuts...

first of all, you can't wrap your brain around it because you already admitted you had brain injuries so that explains a lot. I live right on the border so I know what happens out here and so do the Latinos that are supporting the issues. You think you know everything because you're sitting in your own little world listening to people that don't have all the information. You could say all you want about the caravan but he is now a judge because there was not one ounce of proof that he did anything wrong. On the other hand, the woman that accused him I believe lost a lot of respect in the community proving how easy it is for a person to lie and create Havoc for someone just because of their hatred. If you don't feel safe it's because you're living in a bad neighborhood because I don't believe a decent man would harm you. Whatever issues you experienced does not determine the outcome of every single person in the world. You need help. Keep showing your hatred because that's why people are voting for Republican now because the true colors of Democrats are coming out. The violence of the liberals is coming out. The lies of the Democrats are coming out. The Shame of the Democrats is coming out. People are opening their eyes when people like you speak and they realize they do not want to support that type of anything that you support. You need to take your research a little deeper and learn what actually happens with those boys from Covington and who said what to who and who started the problems. People like you watch 2 seconds and believe in your little Minds whatever you want. Your brains can't comprehend the hours what actually happens and put all the pieces together the truth. All your what if stories are pathetic. You're living in a delusional State of Mind. Please go get some help. There are many shrinks out there willing to give you some medication from your paranoia

ME… to her

Seriously? (I QUOTE YOU)… "first of all, you can't wrap your brain around it because you already admitted you had brain injuries so that explains a lot." What exactly do you know about brain injuries? Such an ignorant statement from an ignorant "woman".
You support djt which means you are EVERYTHING he is. He's A coward, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a racist, he brags about sexual assault for fuck's sake and YOU support THAT? THErump HAS YOU filled WITH FEAR. You can judge me thinking I am stupid because I had a brain injury but I am far from. I also lived along the southern border in Texas so I have my own personal experiences and opinions. See how ignorant you are? ASSUMING I have no right. You're SIMPLY a DISGRACE to women in the United States, AND around the world to support a man like theRUMP who BRAGS ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT speaks VOLUMES about your character.

you said "I don't think a decent man would harm you", and you're right... So tell me about men who SPIT ON WOMEN (which BTW IS ASSAULT) because he's PISSED AS HELL because said woman held a sign saying "VOTE BLUE" Which is when theRUMPs decline began after the 2018 mid-terms". What kind of man would you call THAT? Let me tell you, a man who supports the jackass in the White House, perhaps THOSE are the kind of men you want in your life... As far as Dr. Ford, I believe her. NO ONE is going to come forward with her story just for the hell of it. She is educated, she was stronger than I believe you could ever be. theRUMP just rolled back on domestic violence, so tell me is theRUMP supporting women in this country? NO!! And the last thing I'll say is to take your own advice... don't worry about the little old woman with a brain injury that makes her stupid... "People like you watch 2 seconds and believe in your little Minds whatever you want. Your brains can't comprehend the hours what actually happens and put all the pieces together the truth. All your what if stories are pathetic. You're living in a delusional State of Mind. Please go get some help. There are many shrinks out there willing to give you some medication from your paranoia." I pity any children in your life, especially the girls.



Let's play a game...
... that we...

OK, I'll start...
Ensures we can begin the slow process of recovering this countries dignity after trump threw it down his golden toilet...

OK, your turn...



I'm sitting here thinking...
Imagine trump in prison...
he'll be bitching about missing his tanning bed,
he'll bitch about not having his makeup,
he'll bitch about his hair!!
He'll bitch about not being able to tweet from "inside".
He'll cry, scream and throw tantrums like a baby.

And that (I would think) would draw "Bubba" right to him!!



Class Action Suit, US Citizens V donald trump regarding living in a “peaceable environment”.



My response to trump's opinion about protests...
I'll stop my protesting the day you stop having your hate-filled "rallies". I got a reply to that from a guy named Chris Mark...

A dream can be very powerful. It can make you strive and persevere past what people
expect of you and sometimes even past what you expect of yourself. A dream may start off small, but dreams have been known to do many big things—from changing the life of one individual to changing the entire world. I believe that everyone should dream big and constantly chase that dream throughout life even if someone says that there is no chance at getting past the front door.



I went out this weekend with a sign to encourage peeps to VOTE BLUE... It was crazy, protests, chaos... but I was a couple of blocks from the major protest. But things apparently spilled out and started to spread.

I took my wheelchair because I still can't stand for extended periods of time because of the compression fracture in my lower spine.
I went out with my PRETTY BLUE SIGN encouraging others to vote, this election is SO, SO, SO, SO important!!!

My future and the future of the children in my life (and YOUR lives) matters and depends on OUR VOTES.

Good intentions often times are misunderstood, especially those of theRUMP supporters...
I can't wrap my head around what exactly makes them tick.

So for people to support me in my endeavor to spread the news by honking, or blowing kisses, waving, and yelling, that was nice, however, I ran across one OF SEVERAL trump supporters who I apparently offended AND pissed off.

He walked up to me, started screaming, he confronted me, grabbed my sign, tore it up, stomped on it, AND spat in my face.
It was like watching a 3-year-old throw a fit in the grocery store.

His temper tantrum horrified me.

I could/should have called the cops, but they were everywhere. I left, came home and took the hottest shower. I feel like I'll never be clean again.


A woman posted this in reply to one of my posts, I posted it here so I don't lose it.

Sorry. Susan for the horrible way you were treated by a Trump supporter...We are with you all the way...It is quite sad that a Trump supporter would stoop so low as to spit upon a good person like yourself... Susan all I can say is you are an inspiration to those of us who oppose Trump.... We thank you and applaud your deep dedication to saving Democracy and the rights of the American People.



And someone said, “We will need Devil's lye to burn that orange stain away.”

I replied... Reminds me of when President Obama was in office, racist comments I heard included comments about having to "bleach the "Blackhouse" to make it WHITE again!! The difference is President Obama is EVERYTHING trump isn't. theRUMP will always leave a scar on the White House and the hearts of the sane, majority of United States citizens... the people who have pride in America, and in ourselves, and that is the difference between "them and us" trump supporters lack in everything their Master does... integrity, honesty, compassion, UNITING the citizens instead of dividing us as he has... It's a sad bunch, those trump supporters... I'm grateful and thankful for common sense I was given. Voting blue is the ONLY way we can slow this trump/train wreck, and eventually stop it.



My reply to some idiot from Colorado after he joined the blue wave page...

I asked him... "what planet are you from?"

His reply... Colorado. Born and raised Democrat. Voted for Obama twice. Then I grew up!

Me: Colorado says it all now, doesn't it? Grew up? As like you were childish? If you truly think theRUMpResidency is the best way to go, good luck. If you support his views on WOMEN you belong TO (not with) him. You have a Mother, do you have sisters? Nieces? Aunts? A wife or daughters?? What would you tell them if they came to you and said, "I was RAPED!!" Would you say, you must have deserved it!" OR you must have proof?
theRUMP OWNS you.

Banjo Roberto: I love Trump, have 5 MAGA hats, several shirts. Trump made me a Republican.

Me: Banjo Roberto... what? Does every woman lie??  I notice you didn't respond to the question I asked, you nicely avoided it, about your Mother-daughter, etc, If a woman you LOVE (if you're even capable of loving a woman) and she came to you and said she had been raped, are you saying THEY lie? Would you seriously call THEM liars? So tell me, you and theRUMP have a love affair going on?? How's that orange "tool" feel crammed down your throat?

He said: I didn’t say EVERY lol

then he said, Blasey Ford was definitely lying. She should be prosecuted and thrown in prison.

ME: You still didn't answer my question. Tell me this, were you there? Did you witness her assault? Of course NOT, but because Trump thinks she's a lying bitch you share his opinions? You're just a little pathetic man. You show me PROOF. But let me tell ya, I've been sexually assaulted when I was 14 I was grabbed off the street at knifepoint and taken to a secluded area of a nearby park where he proceeded to rape and sodomize me. I don't remember the walk home, I don't remember the exact date or time... After he was done with me he threw me down a 30 ft embankment. I have a VERY CLEAR memory of the assault, what the son of a bitch looked like, the sunglasses he wore, the rings on his hands and the color of his motorcycle and 3 numbers on the plate of his bike. Now, are you gonna call me a liar because I don't remember EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL? Like I don't remember the walk home.
You're ignorant enough to call a woman you've NEVER met or spoken to a liar because Trump says she's a liar!! So answer my question... What would you say to a woman in your life if she said she'd been raped? Dr. Ford took a polygraph, SHE PASSED, she WANTED a complete FBI investigation, yet your man refused a polygraph and didn't want anything to do with an investigation. There isn't a woman I know who would have voluntarily and out of the blue accuse someone of an assault, go in front of the US government and TESTIFY, answer the embarrassing and humiliating questions, and deal with the fear. NOT ONE!!! So perhaps the kind of women YOU know are liars...



So, I made a comment about VOTE BLUE, and THIS is one of the "comments" some crazy woman left me.

I think you meant Idiots vote Blue. What keeps you voting Blue Susan? You really need to stop and think about that. Democrats are NOTHING like they use to be. I guess you are just one of those die-hard democrats that vote for party, not policies. right? Democrats are turning all socialist on us. Is that something you want? What's not to like about the red agenda, Susan? …

JOBs … JOBS … JOBS - wealth for ALL
and millions of people are now off of welfare

SAVING SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE -- President Trump said he was going to take care of our seniors and save SS and Medicare!

-- No illegal immigration or amnesty – obey our immigration policy and laws
-- Rid America of ISIS
-- Rid America of MS13
-- Stopping Violent Gangs such as the White Supremacist and ANTIFA



TAX CUTS – people are going to be blown away when they do their taxes in 2019 for 2018

NO SOCIALISM and LESS GOVERNMENT in our lives – Socialism does NOT WORK but just for a small amount of time...... then we run out of money!

A STRONGER MILITARY and a raise in pay – peace through strength


VETERAN SUPPORT – Vets going to any doctor or hospital and more service to them!

LAW and ORDER in our country

A BOOMING STOCK MARKET – building a nest egg for our retirement … $$$$$$$.$$

RUSSIA INTERFERENCE in our elections are being taken care of

Proposing VOTER ID and PAPER BALLOTS in all elections

TO STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS VOTING in ANY OF AMERICA ELECTIONS -- Illegal immigrants are voting in California's local elections.

REAL HEALTHCARE for everyone and one you can afford and actually use -- Pre-existing conditions are supported by Trump. Prescription drugs are coming down in price.

NO SPECIAL INTEREST PEOPLE paying politicians for favors –
President is not owned and operated by anyone

KEEPING OUR 2nd AMENDMENT -- No taking a hatchet to our 2nd amendment


NO FUNDING for SANCTUARY CITIES -- Take care of homeless Americans and their children first!

KEEPING REGULATIONS and TAXES DOWN on BUSINESSES – keep companies in America for


Pulled out of the bogus Iran deal.

Made Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Carla Adams Causseaux I know exactly what I meant. You can waste your time trying to get me to change my vote, I haven't got much time for women like you who are blind to EVERYTHING that this Badministration is. It will take us decades to recover from the mess that theRUMP and peeps like you who think he's the best thing since sliced bread. So, I shall do what I do best, and that is to RESIST this Badministration, I WILL vote

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