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May 2019
Preparing to Publish
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May 2019
Preparing to Publish

Having friends, in general, are great. Fresh in my mind are summers spent running door to door, gathering friends to jump double-dutch, hop-scotch, ride bikes, street roller-skate, play jacks and to create paper-dolls with. Wintertime was time for snowball fights, and sharing what we got for Christmas, and of course, trading secrets was year-round. 

A little later I enjoyed meeting up with the girls to play cards, bowl, and hang out in nightclubs. Doing the mommy thing with other mommies was my thing too; planning birthday parties, or taking my turn to set up school charity fundraisers, and for sure, sitting in bleachers cheering our children on. 

Gathering for cookouts with friends, I was all in. Taking advice, and lending advice, my ballot was in that bin too. Learning to agree to disagree, that’s how I’ve made many of my LLFs! Some of my biggest champions, supporting my writing...and books...both indirectly and directly come from this LL galley of friends. Sometimes we can go years between connecting, always catching up where we left off. Neither boasting nor bragging, all tallied I can sincerely say I have never lost one friend. Not.a.one. 

And those aren’t my only friends. I’ve taken occasional calls to discuss literary matters over lunch (and coffee) with a friend. I’ve packed up and showed up at literary venues across the country, befriending ...I want to estimate...hundreds of literary mavens and mavericks. Social media has proven to be a copacetic friend as well. Why, I now not only have friends from varied walks of life, but friends from all over the world. Friends who have humbled me... surprised me... uplifted me... and News Flash... friends whose books I’ve read, taken to heart, and highly recommend. 

...And yet, of all my great wealth of friends, when I am in writing mode, as I am now, I only share this space in a place free of outside noise where I am in complete harmony with my three beloved, unwavering, inseparable writing BFFS. Me, Myself and I.

One of the bests elements of writing is the solitude.

Rhonda Y.C. Johnson/RYCJ
@OEBooks Blog

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