10 Best Podcasts for Writers in 2019
Written by
She Writes
May 2019
Written by
She Writes
May 2019

Do you help with homework while cooking dinner? Do you manage to coordinate an office party as well as hit your deadlines? Do you deal with your cable company while you drive to an appointment?

If you are a master multitasker you've likely already discovered the awesome power of podcasts.

Podcasts give you the chance to be educated and entertained as you move about your day. Totally free and covering just about any topic you can think of, podcasts are an amazing tool for anyone looking to squeeze more out of their day.

As a writer, if you're not using these audio shows to grow your career, you're missing a major opportunity. Tune into these top podcasts during your commute or while you do the dishes for a chance to improve your craft, hone your marketing skills and motivate you out of a writing slump.

The Creative Penn Podcast

If you're wondering where to even begin, Joanna Penn's podcast is a great place to start. She has been podcasting about indie publishing since before podcasting or indie publishing were popular. She has over 400 episodes and interviews on subjects ranging from "Writing and Marketing a Travel Memoir" to "How to Pitch Your Book for TV and Film."

Start here: The Successful Author Mindset

The Self Publishing Show

Mark Dawson has proven his success in the indie space time and time again. Not only is he making a very healthy seven-figure living off his book business, but he also offers education to authors looking to earn a livable income from their work. His co-host James Blatch is on the other end of the spectrum, completing his debut novel. As a team, they offer insight from both a beginner's perspective and a pro's that way anyone can engage and participate.

Start here: The Million Dollar Indie Author

Helping Writers Become Authors

We don't all have an hour or more to give to podcast episodes, so if you're looking for a short and sweet message that packs a lot of punch, author K.M. Weiland's podcast is for you. Ranging from 15-20 minutes, her show is all about the craft of writing. She has over 450 episodes each with their own super concentrated writing theme. No matter where you are at in writing career, her lessons can give you a little boost to improve your abilities. 

Start here: Plot, Character and Theme: The Greatest Love Triangle in Fiction

Story Grid 

Shawn Coyne is an editor with decades of experience and a book on editing of the same title. His co-host Tim Grahl is a first-time fiction author trying to learn how to write a story that resonates with readers. Their dynamic is fun and playful and you'll learn a ton as you watch Tim try to wrap his head around the foundations of story.

Start here: Why Story Grid is Different


We would be remiss if we left out our own podcast. The Write-minded podcast is for writers craving a unique blend of inspiration and real talk about the ups and downs of the writing life. Hosted by Brooke Warner of She Writes and Grant Faulkner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), each theme-focused episode of Write-minded features a pep talk, a green-light moment and a writing action.

Start here: The Business of Being a Writer

The Story Studio Podcast

Johnny, Sean and Dave are self-publishing icons in the podcast world. Starting originally with their show The Self Publishing Podcast, these guys have talked about their journey over the course of hundreds of episodes. Recently though, they transitioned all of their focus away from talking about publishing and towards talking about story. As authors, screenwriters and aspiring filmakers, these three take listeners on a journey through their process and what it means to be a modern-day storyteller.

Start here: Forging Character Arcs

Writer Mom Life

Being a writer is hard. Being an indie author is hard. Being a mom is hard. Trying to be all three at the same time... WAY HARD. Daphne James Huff and J. R. Frontera are the podcast/pen names of Andromeda Huff and Jennifer Frontera, two indie author moms. After meeting online in May 2017, they quickly discovered a shared desire to create more resources for women trying to balance motherhood, writing and the craziness that is self-publishing.

Start here: Finding Your Own Creative Rhythm

Sell More Books Show

Ever wish you had a news channel for just author and publishing information. You're welcome, now you do. The Sell More Books Show shares all the top industry information of the week that can help you stay up to date on trends, changes and discoveries that impact your work. 

Start here: Download the most recent episode to get the latest, most relevant news. 

Reading Podcasts

Not every podcast that can benefit writers is just about the act of writing and publishing. In fact, staying tuned into your genre is as much about reading as it is about writing. Find a great reading podcast that can help you get to know other authors in your genre. BookRiot has a fantastic lineup of podcasts ranging in themes and genres. Reading Glasses is a hilarious, bookish podcast that will overflow your TBR pile. New Books Network covers just about every genre you can think of as well. The point is, listening to other authors talk about their work or listening to how avid readers talk about authors they love can be just as beneficial to your writing. So either search for interviews with authors you're reading or find hosts recommending in your genre. 

First Draft

Get to know your work better by experiencing how bestsellers have tackled their writing journey. First Draft with Sarah Enni is a fun peek behind the curtain that can give both aspiring authors and veterans new insight on the process of going from a first draft to a published book.

Start here: Interview with previous She Writes Guest Editor Roshani Chokshi

Share some of your favorite writing podcasts below!

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